Make plans to attend the popular annual Clarksdale event Thursday, September 25, 2014. PLUS enjoy a look-back at Care Fest 2013. CLARKSDALE, Mississippi   VIDEO and PHOTO SLIDESHOW Attend this year’s popular annual event CARE FEST 2014 to benefit the Clarksdale Care Station. Head to Ground Zero Blues Club, Thursday, September 25 at 7pm. Suggested Donation is […]

‘American Idol’ is coming to CLARKSDALE, Mississippi for Season 12

CLARKSDALE, MS – For Season 12 ‘American Idol’ will hop on a bus and take their zaniness to Small Town America. The lucky cities are Idaho Falls, ID; Billings, MT; Casper, WY; Rock Rapids, IA; Iowa City, IA; Bowling Green, KY; Joplin, MO; Dodge City, KA; Grand Junction, CO AND C-L-A-R-K-S-D-A-L-E, Mississippi, Heart of the […]

Blessissippi Blues – Freeman and Hosting Live Concert in Clarksdale

  Blessissippi Blues   Delta Bohemians, Blues lovers, folks interested in the Mississippi Delta and Clarksdale and those of you who are philanthropic minded, read further for a major happenin’ occuring in Clarkdale at Ground Zero Blues Club on April 28th, 2012. The “Blessissippi Blues” event, co-hosted by actor and Deltan Morgan Freeman along with […]

The Outdoor Channel OUTFITTERS SHOWCASE discovers the Free State of TALLAHATCHIE HUNTS man Michael CATFISH Flautt

  The Outdoor Channel’s OUTFITTERS SHOWCASE Free State of TALLAHATCHIE HUNTS man Micheal CATFISH Flautt   Hunting just isn’t my bag. After finally getting that B B Gun I begged and begged for, what is the first thing I did at the young age of around 7 or 8? I walked outside into the back […]

All That Glitters … Robert Plant to Headline 25th Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival 2012 in Clarksdale

NEWS By Poor William Email: [email protected] CLARKSDALE, MS ( – Clarksdale might have lost Morgan Freeman’s Madidi Restaurant last Thursday, but hearts and hopes were assuaged this past weekend upon hearing the incredible lineup slated for this year’s Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival: Plant, Musselwhite, and Rush. Kinda sounds like flora and fauna! Most […]

Morgan Freeman and Bill Luckett Call It Quits with Clarksdale’s Madidi Restaurant – SIGN SAYS CLOSED

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) It was a leap year not to be forgotten in Clarksdale, heart of the Mississippi Delta, and home to the once vibrant Madidi Restaurant. Sadly, owners Morgan Freeman and Bill Luckett changed the locks and closed the doors for good at Madidi at the end of the day Wednesday, February 29, 2012, after […]

LEVI WAS BEAUTIFUL – eulogies for a friend – Chef Levi Minyard

This week’s edition of the Delta Bohemian is thematic; they often are, but this one is centered on someone Madge, Billy and Corinne loved. His name was LEVI! Chef Levi Minyard, from Oxford, Mississippi, was a fine chef and master chef in-the-making. Levi was the last and final executive chef at Madidi restaurant—Morgan Freeman’s restaurant […]

Past Remembrances of Fun Times with Chef Levi Minyard posted on the Delta Bohemian

The Delta Bohemian was born during a time when we were close friends with the late Levi Minyard. In fact, we announced our launch of The DB at a highly successful Food and Wine Tasting at Madidi Restaurant in August 2010 when Levi was the Executive Chef there. Levi encouraged us to follow our dream […]

Former Clarksdalian Writing for The Daily Beast

Former Clarksdalian Writing for The Daily Beast   PHOTO GALLERY and VIDEO INCLUDED “Sometimes it makes me sad, though…Andy being gone. I have to remind myself that some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin […]

“It is a racist thing.” Say It Ain’t So, Morgan Freeman? Your Pity Party Doesn’t Serve Tea?

“It is a racist thing.”   Say It Ain’t So, Morgan Freeman?   Your Pity Party Doesn’t Serve Tea?   By POOR WILLIAM No Sir! Poor William never thought he would be writing this article. Having penned a couple of positive posts about Morgan Freeman, the actor, not the newly self-appointed political activist, I am […]

Poor William’s Top-Ten Slop Bucket List

My Top-Ten Slop Bucket List By POOR WILLIAM Normal–or what passes for such nonsense–folks have a bucket list now. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson made the bucket list famous, attainable, and nigh on a must in our living-well-above-subsistence culture. When I forget, often, how blessed I am, I yearn all the greater for a bucket […]

Watcha Gonna Do? Posted 4-27-11

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) WATCH A VIDEO RECAP from JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL 2011 [youtube][/youtube] – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –   HOPSON COMMISSARY Monday nights: Acoustic music with Ronnie and complimentary hors d’ oeuvres! BLUESBERRY CAFE Monday nights: Live music HAMBONE ART GALLERY Tuesdays: […]

The Hope of Zihuatanejo

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS Pronounced (Zee-wah-tah-nay-hoe), this real-life vacation destination on the Pacific coast of Mexico is where Morgan Freeman’s character Red in The Shawshank Redemption found his friend Andy Dufresne, years after Andy escaped from a wrongly convicted 20-year stint in prison. Categorically, some of Pontificus’s favorite quotes come from this heart-wrenching, rife-with-conflict tale of […]

Watcha Gonna Do? Posted 4-20-11

WATCHA GONNA DO? Posted 4-20-11       What’s going on in and around Clarksdale and/or Coahoma County…and beyond this coming week?   My, oh, my, but didn’t we all have a partying good time in Clarksdale last week during the Juke Joint Festival including the days leading up to it as well as Sunday? […]

Watcha Gonna Do?

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Why are Americans too often defined by their vocations? Is it the sum of our existence? Poor William says, “NO!” We are more than our jobs; we should be defined by our recreational and familial relationships and passions as well. Magical Madge recently gave notice at her place of employment […]


CLARKSDALE, Mississippi A pictorial essay by Mississippi Delta Photographer Langdon Clay Deep in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, Saturday, January 8, 2011, a local restaurant played host to eight gifted chefs and one well-informedSommelier for a culinary night beyond compare. The dinner boasted an eight-course dinner with pairings of wine for each. The wine […]

Langdon Clay – A Fine Mississippi Delta Photographer

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi “A fine photographer is just someone who hones in on something that they really care about–something that attracts them or catches their eye.” – Langdon Clay Lang is just that–a fine Mississippi Delta photographer. Photographer Clay and writer T. R. Pearson recently collaborated on a new book. Title: Year of Our Lord. Subtitle: […]

Buttdialer Buttdialer Buttdialer Levi is a Buttdialer

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST Executive Chef Levi Minyard is a most excellent Epicurean Master but is technologically not as suave. In other words, my boy can’t even text but constantly butt dials folks and never realizes it even after minutes of, “LEVI, LEVI, LEVI, ARE YOU THERE?” Magical Madge and Poor William started singing […]

Delta Bohemian – what is it?

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