Poor William’s Top-Ten Slop Bucket List

My Top-Ten Slop Bucket List


Normal–or what passes for such nonsense–folks have a bucket list now. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson made the bucket list famous, attainable, and nigh on a must in our living-well-above-subsistence culture.

Poor William eating Pompano at Luscos in Greenwood. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Poor William eating Pompano at Luscos in Greenwood. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

When I forget, often, how blessed I am, I yearn all the greater for a bucket list of opportunities to expand my horizons and experiences in this short thing we call life. I think it not wrong to desire grand experiences and activities able to exhilarate my God-given curiosity and sense and want of adventure.

It is imperative, however, that I remember and pay more than a passing glance to those who don’t even have a bucket to put a list in. Is balancing the enjoyment of life with the need to assist the scores of folks less fortunate than us not a difficult and often guilt-producing task?

Now that the Shallow One has temporarily shed his world-angst, he will address his Deltafied version of the list; hereby, and heretofore known in the hallowed Land of the Blues as POOR WILLIAM’S TOP-TEN “SLOP BUCKET” LIST.

What is a slop bucket? Why, a pail to put food in to feed animals, or humans–well, mostly human in this case. A Slop Bucket List? A list of all the things we like to feed others and ourselves

1.         I want spicy, crispy-fried chicken anytime I want it!

2.         I want fried green tomatoes with a little “heat” in the batter at least twice a week!

3.         I would like to eat Pompano twice a week. A finer bone-in fish is not to be had, particularly when cooked in lemon butter in a brown-paper sack or at a table at Lusco’s in Greenwood. Woo, how I love that thin vein of tender meat located right behind the eye on top of the forehead. Lawd have mercy! Elvis would just say, “MERCY!”

4.         I want tasty hot wings during every football game. A few cold beers wouldn’t hurt either!

5.         I want a green salad with Lusco’s house dressing nightly for dinner!

6.         I want to eat an Abe’s barbeque, chili cheeseburger, and two bags of chips-n-sauce at least twice a week, hold the calories and carbs! Abe’s chips-n-sauce is a Mississippi Delta classic–open a bag of Rufflesesque potato chips and pour in some Abe’s barbeque sauce and close the bag and shake it up. Open the bag and thoroughly enjoy a slightly but evenly coated chip right at the Crossroads of 49 and old 61!

7.         I am not opposed to a lil taste of single-malt scotch every evening–before, during, and after dinner! Can’t afford it, but I am not scared of it!

8.         I am a lover of all-food-ethnic, and have a real addiction to Lebanese raw kibbie, tabouli, grape leaves, and cabbage rolls.

9.         I have a deep-seated desire for sushi/sashimi at least once every two weeks. The blend of wasabi, soy sauce, and tender cold raw fish elevates my serotonin levels to extraordinary heights.

10.       I sure would like an artichoke heart with lemon butter and a twice-baked potato at least once a week.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a fine SLOP BUCKET LIST for a not-so-fine Delta Lad. You can try most of these at home, but I would pay close attention to the pompano! It is not to be trifled with! pw– Epicurious de Delta


Poor William enjoying a single-malt scotch at RUST Restaurant in Clarksdale. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Poor William enjoying a single-malt scotch at RUST Restaurant in Clarksdale. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

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  1. Eric Hunter says:

    I have enjoyed lurking thru your site occasionally and I share your fine feelings for Lusco’s as well and need I remind you that your bucket could hold a few corn husked tamales. A once a year pilgramage to Clarkesdale, MS to visit a dear friend, David Fiser of The Fiser Agency blood, to chase the green headed mallets and while away hours out at Burke’s Hunting Camp on the big bend of the Miss west of Clarkesdale off 322 at Farrell caused me to run into your store after spying the beautiful hand made canoe outside it it did this mis-placed Memphis boy good to see such fine work. I spent all of my awake youth in Vickesburg, Greenville, Greenwood and Clarkesdale only to sleep in Memphis if I had too.
    BTW, does the Bohemian lifestyle allow a trip to Doe’s every now and then?

  2. Eric Hunter says:

    David Fiser has quickly emailed me to lay off the bourbon so early as I’ve confused Billy Williams with John Ruskey ! My apologies, sir. But I still like your list with the single malt add.

    • No worries! I loved your comments! I am Billy Howell, one who still has lumps on his head from when David Fiser used to ‘hit hard’ during football practice. Tell David Billy says hi! John Ruskey is a Delta Bohemian, good friend, and a fine fellow! Holla when in town sometime and we would love to accompany you to Does and maybe do a little jaunt in a canoe on the river! Thanks! Billy Howell

  3. Gordon Yamamoto says:

    I was gonna take you guys to Lusco’s for the pompano, but you beat me to it! I always eat at Crystal Cafe nearby, so we can compromise by having the pompano first, then some of Crystal’s outrageous desserts!!

    • Yeah, Billy just couldn’t wait….He had not been to Lusco’s since the 80’s so we just had to go. We’ve been back several times since as we are addicted now. SOOOOO when you return, we will still go there and do the Crystal jaunt afterwards! I’m looking forward to it!

  4. Billy,Billy,Billy!!! Son!!! I too love Pompano any way I can get it and Lusco’s does a terriffic job with their version, But Enid Lake Crappie It ‘Aint. This you shall soon come to realize as I have. Promise! When things slow down, we are going crappie fishing and cook “Dim Slabs” several different ways. They will make you “Naw Your Fingers” off.

    Gordon, you can’t beat the Veal at Crystal either!

  5. Gordon Yamamoto says:

    Thanks for the tip, Jeff!! Enjoyed reading your crappie enlightenments! I’ve caught a variety of panfish fly-fishing lakes, but haven’t tasted any. And I don’t often see veal on menues anymore. The owner, Johnny, is salt of the earth; and the staff, likewise!

  6. You are very welcome Gordon. Give it a try next time you go.

  7. Gordon Yamamoto says:

    Sounds like a plan, Madge!!

  8. Well I geuss I’ll claim that plainsman friend and I do agree that Does must be added to that slopbucketlist . As well Crystal’s is certainly food no one could scoff at, however, whenever, possible I like to partake of Moma Harvey’s Redneck Spicey ‘Sketty! Growin up with a bunch of I-talians and whops, seams a lot of them as well seamed to show at at Harvey and Hal’s when that sketty was advertised.
    Can’t wait to whop them mallets this winter with EH and ‘Bamer boys. I’m sure if Huggy Bear can escape the Tanguery and Mr. B. Cato is willing,,,,, WE ARE TOO! Maybe we can have poorwilliam meet us for dinner one night at Lusco’s, or Does, or Abes, or The Crystal. Better times have rarely been had and I look forward to adding to the memories.

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