It’s “Chilly Outside”: Reflections on Tha Moon relative to God’s Immanence, Imminence & Eminence in the Mississippi Delta: Commonality of Faith!

It’s “Chilly Outside”: Reflections on Tha Moon relative to God’s Immanence, Imminence & Eminence in the Mississippi Delta: Commonality of Faith. God is Immanent, Imminent & Eminent in the Mississippi Delta: Immanent = InherentImminent = ImpendingEminent = Distinguished Yet, God is also transcendent here: Beyond us, outside us, above us.

IMMANUEL: Reflections on the Life of Christ – Delta Bohemian Seminars

Delta Bohemian Seminars:Book Study ofImmanuel: Reflections on the Life of ChristBy Michael Card   The Delta Bohemian® is pleased to announce our second (2nd) book study in the Delta Bohemian Book Study series. Our first seminar focused on “The Secret History” by Pulitzer Prize winner and Mississippi author, Donna Tartt.  

Proverbs of Wisdom Concerning Children

The following are from the Book of Proverbs of Wisdom concerning children which may give insight to parents when deciding whether to discipline their children or not to discipline their children. How, when and why go to the trouble and effort to choose to do so. Let’s explore…

The Good Samaritan, an Ass-Whuppin’, and Long Hairs in Church – VIDEO

Hey, man. This is Chilly Billy Howell and I’m out yakkin’ on Alcorn Island in the middle of the Moon in my Gitche Manitou Mystic Moonglow Stellar S16G2. I was filming with the GoPro but it got too hot. Imagine that. It is over 100° heat index.  I’ve been thinking about The Good Samaritan.  Madge and I […]

Addict Talks To Himself About Addiction – VIDEO

I wasn’t going to share anything today but I have an unction. I have been thinking about addiction today. I think about that all the time. If you are an addict and you don’t think about addiction then you are probably going to get in trouble.  There are a million things I could say, but what […]

Muggeridge, Lust, Lepers, Freedom and Spirituality – VIDEO

Today, my erstwhile kinsman, Malachi Montroy, who travels with me solo when we kayak, wrote, “we haven’t even begun to see the beginning of woes.” That is not because he is excited about it, and it ain’t because he is a prophet. But you can look at things in the natural and see that there […]

Primo Meals at Uncle Henry’s on Moon Lake

April 28, 2022 – Hey Man, in my waning and pauperesque years (ain’ they all) I don’t eat out often, but I’m sure glad I did on Juke Joint Fest Sunday! I heard zero music, never made it downtown on Saturday for the April extravaganza, but was blessed with the opportunity to share our bucolic […]

Hooker Grocer and Eatery in Downtown Clarksdale

April 9, 2022 – Killa meal at Hooker Grocer and Eatery in downtown Clarksdale tonight!! Sasha Monty is truly a paragon & purveyor of Epicurean delights! Greg Birdsong is the consistently most felicitous & talented bartender known to mankind (made Chilly Billy Howell a delightful mocktail for my alcoholic ass), the table service by Sarah […]

Chilly Billy Jack and the Crack Pipe (Video)

In the following spontaneous video “Chilly Billy and The Crack Pipe,” I ruminate on a 70’s classic movie, “Billy Jack” and how a scene in the film came to mind upon hearing about the United States government’s recent plan to provide crack pipes to addicts and to have injection sites so they can shoot up […]

Tribute to Mark Benson by Chilly Billy (Video)

In the attached video Chilly Billy pays tribute to our friend, Mark Benson, and his great love for Clarksdale and the MS Delta.

Spontaneous Pontifications on Poets, Writers, and the Snarky!

VIDEO IN POST In the attached video I spontaneously pontificate on poets, writers and snarky folks whose derision quite frankly pisses me off. I share aloud, of admitted zero import, some internal thought processes into the workings of a reticulated Delta Bohemian mind.

American Dirt: Left and Right

Chilly Billy spontaneously responds to the impact of a book recommended by his daughter with a post titled, “American Dirt: Left and Right!” VIDEO IN POST Discussion revolves around reaction to a comment made on social media regarding what I should and should not read based on the commenter’s presuppositions referencing my reading American Dirt.

Spontaneous Thoughts on Birth and Rebirth

Spontaneous Thoughts on Birth and Rebirth by Chilly Billy Howell, a Thankful Grandfather VIDEO IN POST Spontaneous thoughts on birth and rebirth by a thankful Grandfather lead this thankful Christian to a continued awareness of the miracles surrounding us at all times.

Spontaneous Reflections on an Addict’s J.I.H.A.D and Agrarian Living

(VIDEO IN POST) Chilly Billy spontaneously reflects on an addict’s J.I.H.A.D. and agrarian living while herfing a stogie. Living in the Southern part of the United States in rural, row-crop regions allows for reflection and contemplation not often found in urban, big-city communities. Though not a huge fan of acronyms, J.I.H.A.D. spoke to this addict/alcoholic […]

Ruminating on the Passing of a Friend

(V I D E O I N P O S T) Life and the loss of it are a given; yet, for the living, the passing of a friend is a painful part of living. Often, I spontaneously reflect on life and death in the Mississippi Delta! As an addict, an alcoholic and a fairly […]

A Deeper Delta Look-See and Happy 2022

A deeper Delta look-see with Chilly Billy and Happy 2022! (V I D E O   I N   P O S T)   Some days and years feel like my cigar, “Días de Gloria” (Glory Days), and some days and years don’t!   Death and heartbreak for loved ones and friends seems more poignant and visceral […]

If the World Goes Dark Tomorrow

If the World Goes Dark Tomorrow — By Malachi Montroy, para mis hijos, my children        The world, our world, this world is presently as complex and unknown—to be so well known—as at any time in the recorded history of mankind. 

Clarksdalian Bill Harlow Has Always Liked Cars

Clarksdalian Bill Harlow has always liked cars. How many of you remember when Bill’s dad had the Friars Point Motor Company? Young Bill worked in the parts department back then and grew up around motor vehicles. He especially enjoyed his days of competitive horseshoe mud racing. “I like racing cars!” he said with a devilish […]

Hang Your Holiday Hats at Hopson Commissary

The world has changed; that’s a fact! From large cities to rural gems—like Clarksdale—economies and social structures have taken a hit due to Covid-19 and “all the stuff, real and imagined” resulting from its presence! Hopson Commissary, a longtime historical treasure in the North Mississippi Delta, is changing too; but open in the fall on […]

Cathy Nutt Live Podcast Starring Chilly Billy

Cathy Nutt Live Podcast starring Chilly Billy Howell is Wednesday, September 2nd for a full hour, LIVE, from 3:00-4:00pm CST.   Or, as Billy prefers…. “The Cathy Nutt Show Featuring Delta Bohemian Podcast Redneck Chilly Billy Howell.”