Addict Talks To Himself About Addiction – VIDEO

I wasn’t going to share anything today but I have an unction. I have been thinking about addiction today. I think about that all the time. If you are an addict and you don’t think about addiction then you are probably going to get in trouble.  There are a million things I could say, but what […]

The Elephant’s Graveyard – A Poem Written in 3 Stages

THE ELEPHANT’S GRAVEYARD: TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN, TOO FAR FROM THE SON, RESTORED BY THE SON a poem written in three stages by Slim Gravy I kinda disappeared for a month. I was in a treatment facility in Eastern, TN as a result of not having dealt with some things from my past. Acute […]

Delta Delusions: Ain’t No Bugs On Me

DELTA SHORTS: DELTA DELUSIONS   Ain’t No Bugs On Me By WILLIAM PRENTISS My grandmother ruined me. I never had a chance against a bug. She used to give me an old metal bug sprayer and tell me, “Get that bug Bill!” She meant, “Bill, you better get that bug before it gets you!”   […]

Played by the Blues

By Poor William (Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST NOTE TO READER: Pontificus Minimus started writing this article as a result of being severely affected by his yearly holiday case of the blues. It began as more of a “Poor is me, but shame on me” lament written by a lad seasoned in depression and in […]