Senator Roger Wicker to address Teen Substance Abuse

at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center in Oxford, Mississippi [VIDEO] This is encouraging news! United States Senator Roger Wicker to address adolescent substance abuse at the official ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorating the opening of Stonewater Adolescent Recovery Center on Tuesday, May 30th, at the facility in Oxford, Mississippi. 

Rickie Fowler Play 9 “girlfriend”

Corinne Vance in USGA #Play9 television commercial By CORINNE VANCE Recently, Leah Bruce-Krock, owner of Colors Agency, sent an email requesting I audition for an American Express®/USGA national television commercial featuring the always flamboyantly dressed professional golfer Rickie Fowler. Oh my goodness!

Will This Come With Age?

By Corinne Vance (Oxford, Mississippi) I am a true and true, down to the bone, no question about it, girly girl. Sports have simply never been my strong suit. I was a good cheerleader and I loved gymnastics but anything beyond the “sports” that call for skirts and pointed toes have never come naturally to […]

Look Good, Feel Good…. – by Corinne Vance

Young & Free columnist Corinne Vance Look Good, Feel Good… Confidence is a lot more than just a mind set. Right? Or is confidence just the attitude of being proud of who you are and not letting anyone tell you different? Is it that simple?  Or, is there more to this picture of a happy […]

Madge Marley Howell loves Red’s Blues Club

Young & Free Columnist Corinne Vance There is no place like Clarksdale’s Red’s Blues Club, Red’s Place, Red’s Lounge, Red’s Whatever-you-want-to-call-it, in the world. Not only is it full of talent and people who appreciate it, but it is also a place where you can be free to be you without one judgement coming your […]

That’s That Good Clean Livin’ – by Corinne Vance

Young & Free Columnist Corinne Vance Who do you hold responsible for the good and bad things in your life? When something great happens do you say, “Man, I got lucky!” or “It’s about time!” When everything seems to be crumbling around you do you place blame on others or wonder why God could let this […]

There’s Something to Say for Going Astray – by Corinne Vance

Young & Free Columnist By CORINNE VANCE (includes photo gallery) It’s more than easy to get caught in the routine of doing the same thing over and over again. As human beings we are naturally creatures of habit. I have begun to notice that this is especially true in the case of making plans to […]

Busy Has Become The New Lazy

By Corinne Vance Take a second to breath: Close your eyes, clear your mind and take one of those deep breaths that hisses through the nostrils and fills the belly. Now hold it! Enjoy, be thankful for, and recognize this moment when your mind doesn’t have to take notice about anything except for the oxygen […]

YOUNG & FREE: Role Play by Corinne Vance

  By Corinne Vance In high school I played the role of the flirty, carefree, act-like-I’m-dumber-than-I-am girl. Lee Academy in Clarksdale, Mississippi gave me a role, and by golly I played it well. I cherish those fond memories of when I was able to display my star-quality talent, but it’s safe to say my days […]

The Delta Bohemian: Year-end Review: What We Did & Where We Are Headed

The Delta Bohemian (DB) turned one-year old recently! The “brainless child” of Billy and Madge Marley Howell–Poor William and Magical Madge–the DB was established as an organic expression of how the two see and experience the Mississippi Delta and Clarksdale, Mississippi. What is The Delta Bohemian? We consider it a zany, quirky, off-the-wall, always spontaneous, […]

Words that Defined My Words for Life

By Corinne Vance Writing has played many roles in my life. Writing has been a fun way to pass the time growing up in a small country town, it was my method of communication in elementary school, passing notes about which boys are cute and which ones have cooties, it has filled the pages of […]

Writers Overload, Fairy-Tale Endings, and Mr. Right Now

Writer’s Overload, Fairy-Tale Endings, and Mr. Right Now By YOUNG & FREE writer CORINNE VANCE Follow Corinne on Twitter @corinne143. Time and time again I have sat patiently in front of my computer screen waiting for a thought to stimulate my mind and put my fingers to work on my keyboard. I have desperately attempted […]

Treat Your Neighbor As Yourself, or Treat Your White Neighbor As Yourself

By CORINNE VANCE →VIDEO INCLUDED← And one of the scribes came and heard them arguing, and recognizing that He had answered them well, asked Him, “What commandment is the foremost of all?” Jesus answered, “The foremost is, ‘Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with […]

What Will You Do In and Around Clarksdale? Posted 6-8-11

What Will You Do?   Posted 6-8-11 and edited 6-15-11 →PHOTOS INCLUDED← What’s going on in and around Clarksdale/Coahoma County and beyond? Read about some upcoming events and don’t forget to check out the DELTA BOHEMIAN SCENE PHOTOS taken last week. We have included photos of the cast, crew and director from the Premier of […]

World Premier of MOON RING at Little Rock Film Festival featuring our own Corinne Vance as Supporting Actress

Little Rock, Arkansas →VIDEO and PHOTOS INCLUDED← The Delta Bohemian’s YOUNG & FREE columnist and Clarksdale resident, Corinne Vance, will be featured as the Supporting Actress in the World Premier of the film “Moon Ring” at the Little Rock Film Festival to be held Friday, June 3 at 6:45pm at the Argenta Community Theater in […]

The Little Things

YOUNG & FREE: The Little Things By CORINNE VANCE   What did you get for Christmas when you were 5 years old? What did your grandparents give you on your twelfth birthday? Those things that seemed so important and memorable to me then have now become a faded memory only existing in the pages of […]

What Matters Most?

YOUNG & FREE:   What Matters Most? By CORINNE VANCE   How can something so simple bring me such joy? As I write down just one of the many thoughts that fill up my mind I am overwhelmed with a feeling of ecstasy. As the emotions flow from my spirit through the tips of my […]

I am at Peace

YOUNG & FREE:   Peace By Corinne Vance           The sweet taste of pineapple and rum kisses my lips Wind from the waves sends chills down my back I dig my toes deeper to find the cold sand that’s been hidden from the heat The sun warms me up and makes […]

Planted Feet

By CORINNE VANCE Have you ever been comfortable? Content with where your life is just to have the carpet ripped from beneath your so called “planted” feet and found yourself lying on your back looking up at that high place you were just moments before? That is the worst feeling in the world. As human beings, […]

Mirror Image

By CORINNE VANCE Why do we do the things we do? Why do we say the things we say? Why do we feel the way we feel? Are these feelings even real? I look around at all the mirroring images we are of each other, each person seeming to be a reflection of the last. […]