Primo Meals at Uncle Henry’s on Moon Lake

April 28, 2022 – Hey Man, in my waning and pauperesque years (ain’ they all) I don’t eat out often, but I’m sure glad I did on Juke Joint Fest Sunday!

I heard zero music, never made it downtown on Saturday for the April extravaganza, but was blessed with the opportunity to share our bucolic Delta Outback on five tours with fourteen touristas.

As are all of us in the creative economy who swim out to meet the troop ships during spring harvest, I am wiped out at week’s end. However, after recommending to my Sunday regional-identity-tour guests that historic Uncle Henry’s on Moon Lake would be a fine dining option on a pastoral Sunday in the laconic Bible Belt, Magical Madge my muse of mythic proportions said let’s do likewise!

Just as a seed dies and gives birth to new life, the closing of the beloved landmark restaurant Ranchero has seen the Delta birth a new elán vital in Uncle Henry’s!

Uncle Hank’s, gotta have a nickname in the Delta if you are going to have an identity—even the non-sentient—is managed by my co-black-sheep-of-the-family Cousin and Chef extraordinaire Whitney Myers, where bar is tended by her Mama, a slightly grayer version of a black sheep! 😃

And, I ain’ slinging this restaurant ‘cause they’re kin, but because the food is awesome, the service spectacular, the view magnificent and the location historic.

Madge and I started with fried ravioli and a wedge salad with one of the most unique, homemade bleu-cheese dressings outside Roquefort, France. I followed with grilled redfish capped with crab over grits and a side of fried okra.

Madge had categorically the juiciest pork ribeye I’ve ever tasted; yes, I tasted it! It was so succulent I had to ease up in Hank’s la cocina to ensure it wasn’t just sweet-cream butter with some pig juice! Larruping! Mashed potatoes did a gentle tango with melted butter and fresh chives, while the sautéed green beans shimmered with delight.

Molten-lava cake crowned with homemade vanilla axe-cream with chocolate striations sealed the evening!

If in the Delta or even idling the byways of a contiguous state, check out Uncle Henry’s—fronted by magical Moon lake and backed by the fabled Yazoo Pass; you might even see me yakkin’ by “fronterds or backerds!” Tell ‘em Chilly sent ya! 😃

For dinner reservations or info, call 662-624-1248. Hours of operation: Friday through Sunday, 5:00-9:00!

Uncle Henry’s Menu

June 3, 2022 – Primo meal at Uncle Henry’s last night! Everything was spot on! Nothing over-seasoned, yet perfectly seasoned!

All the staff are felicitous, funny and present! Madge said the salmon was the best she has ever had, and she never makes categorical statements!!!

Mis primos, Whitney Myers, manages from the kitchen where she’s a boss-ass chef, and her Mama, Shauna Tomlinson Myers, slings spirits from the bar, where her own propitious spirit will raise your spirits!

Holla at Uncle Hank, tell ‘em Chilly & Madge sent ya; just don’t tell my other black sheep relatives I bragged on ‘em a lil; it might increase their stature to the point of painful! Love Uncle Henry’s!!! ❤️🙏😃

Uncle Henry’s Restaurant

5860 Moon Lake Road, 662-62401248

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