Spontaneous Pontifications on Poets, Writers, and the Snarky!


In the attached video I spontaneously pontificate on poets, writers and snarky folks whose derision quite frankly pisses me off. I share aloud, of admitted zero import, some internal thought processes into the workings of a reticulated Delta Bohemian mind.

It will likely make no sense to most and that’s okay; I ain’ real sure it makes sense to me, but it does.

The video was inspired by Covid fatigue latching on to the following quote,

Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion.

This started the mind rambling, quickly segueing to lyrics by Yellowstone Actor and Americana musician Ryan Bingham,

And out to the back, The poet writes his song in blood.

For good or ill, I am a poet, writer, Delta philosopher and atypical right-brainer without their giftings! That doesn’t mean I’m a good one; but, I am one of each! It is so!

Then, my thoughts turn to Shakespeare’s loquacious Polonius in Hamlet, who uttered to his son Laertes:

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man…

I endeavor to explain to myself and anybody still around listening to my discursive thoughts why I continue to spout on social media and why I periodically go to ground.

The following Poor man’s Shakespearian poem was hastily conceived and written out without thought on an iPhone:

To thine ownself be true; shall I then in haste bid adieu?
I shall equivocate not, nor press my lot in advance of my previous banalities.
—In publicly splicing my life, in peace and strife,
can I best palliate the horror of cerise scars
cantilevered far beyond an
amiable or sustainable threshold.

Then, a limerick of a different ilk with the same message:

There once was a man from the Delta,
whose brain oozed Helter Skelter,
with ebbs and flows, he shared his woes,
mitigating what he felta.

—So, if you get those similar poems then you somewhat get why I write and say what I do.

If not, leave the damn snarky, rude comments to yo ownself! I don’t do snarky!

—Until we meet again, those who count me friend!

Cheers! Chilly Billy

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