It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child

Written at 3:00am when I couldn’t sleep after reading an article about a precious, very young girl who killed herself after constant bullying at her school, where admin did nothing!!! 😢

It Shouldn’t Hurt
to be a child,
nor one on the margins.

Where the mean prey,
and seek to slay
others not as strong.

Darwin not wrong,
‘tis the strong
who triumph over weakness.

Yet in the end,
the meek do win
as God’s Eternal promise.

The interim
is not the sum
of all we were and are.

Divorce, remorse
do run their course:
a tattered field of dreams.

To prod the weak
and bloody the cheek
is a sign of weakness.

Resentments grow
while hatred flows
toward the defenseless.

This world needs God
and not the rod
wielded by a despot.

God, please come?
God did come;
yet, we killed Him too.

He stayed not dead;
He is the bread
for broken souls like Him/you/me.

—By Malachi Montroy

Illustration by Honey


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  1. Tim Beckett says:

    Spot on! Thank you!

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