My Last Meal At The Fabled Ranchero

Chilly Billy and Chris Green at The Ranchero
My last meal at the fabled Ranchero was on April 16, 2022. The Ranchero was started by Nelms Mitchell in 1959, the year before my birth! Chris Green, dedicated daughter and descendant, has kept it alive and flourishing during good times and difficult times!
I love Chris! Truly, categorically, and indubitably the kindest, always positive, hardest-working person I have ever known! Her epitaph many years from now should read, “The Best the Delta Ever Sired and Maintained!” God Bless her best years forward with her loving family—nuclear & extended—along with her Ranch family from Clarksdale and around the world!

Also, in attendance were my childhood friend and worthy wrazzlin’ adversary, King Kenny Kimbrell and his wife, Teresa!
As I write this, I am listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Iz and the held-back, headache-producing tears are tenderizing an already too tender redneck!
Easter Sunday is tomorrow, and my reflections tend upwards, where my Hope lies!
I was and am the Prodical, but have been welcomed back—actually lovingly beckoned back—to the Delta, my Elephant’s Graveyard, where God’s Mercy, Grace and Redemption have redeemed me via His Son & Spirit; and due to the love of my wife, family, friends (near and far) and much forgiveness from my children for being “less than” most of my life!
I am thankful “for my raisin’!” Mi Madre, Mudear, Martha Jane Howell ensured I met the Lord early in life and prayed diligently for me while I roamed the proverbial desert for decades! My heart is full!
The Chris Greens are why people come to a place where distinctions judged afar too often trump our commonalities!
Faith, a ready smile, a helping hand, genuine concern and the often uttered quite sincerely to strangers, “How’s ya Mama and them doing?” is why I’m glad to be home among my people: black, white, young & old! And, the bucolic, verdant terroir doesn’t hurt either!
If I hadn’ direly needed to give up my love affair with John Barleycorn 3 1/2 years ago, I’d tip a cup to Chris Green, so an unsweet tea on Easter will have to suffice!
God bless you, Chris! You have made a difference!
Chilly Billy 🇺🇸🙏❤️😃
The Ranchero closed May 2022.
Chris Green

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