The Good Samaritan, an Ass-Whuppin’, and Long Hairs in Church – VIDEO

Hey, man. This is Chilly Billy Howell and I’m out yakkin’ on Alcorn Island in the middle of the Moon in my Gitche Manitou Mystic Moonglow Stellar S16G2. I was filming with the GoPro but it got too hot. Imagine that. It is over 100┬░ heat index.  I’ve been thinking about The Good Samaritan.  Madge and I […]

Clarksdale Samaritans – A Place Where Perfect Strangers Wave At You

By MAGICAL MADGE (Clarksdale, Mississippi)  My wallet was found? I didn’t even know it was lost! The day started with a personal commitment and challenge to let thankfulness temper all my thoughts. Was it even possible to walk through my entire day with a grateful attitude and would this exercise enable me to see