RUST Restaurant Reopens at SHACK UP INN

The popular Clarksdale restaurant reopens with gifted chef Allen Johnson at the helm By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi   –   VIDEO and PHOTO GALLERY It’s old; it’s new; it’s real! Rust ain’ just about oxidation; RUST the Restaurant is all about the Delta and it’s all about rustic-cool! RUST opened its doors over six years ago in […]

Gator Bait: A True Story

By The Poorest of Williams (CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) Folks outside Coahoma County been rather churlish of late, arguing all about alligators caught in the 700-plus-a-few-pounds category. Well, that ain’ nuthin’! Me and Mr. Lil John been wrasslin’ ones bigger than that for years. I ain’ lying. Ask him? Okay, Captain Safety don’t mess with gators, he […]

Delta Sunset in Summer: A Promise for Tomorrow

By Poor William (Clarksdale, Mississippi) As a late-afternoon field rider, I now realize why my father, Roundman, used to ramble tortoise-like down the middle of turn rows checking crops and nervously biting worn fingernails during summer, searching for non-existent rain clouds. I can still smell tobacco, newsprint, and mounds of rotting cottonseed smoldering with moisture […]

1926 American Lafrance Firetruck seen Cruising in Clarksdale

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST Neighbor Ray Keith has been enjoying getting the Marks 1926 Firetruck in tip top running condition for the Mississippi Delta town. Local Marks resident Mr. Barringer has asked the fix-it, machine-techno Keith to tweak the old classic just in case he keels over; Barringer wants to ride in style to […]

Delta Eclectic Lodging by Legends Magazine

Best Bet for Eclectic Delta Lodging Delta Eclectic Lodging Delta eclectic Lodging article was published in Legends Magazine in July August 2013 issue. The Delta Bohemian Guest House was featured as a Delta Eclectic Lodging spot in Clarksdale, where Southern hospitality and quirky originality rule. Writer Kara Martinez Bachman wrote: Those seeking more privacy may […]

A Message from Jason Shelby that may make you shout ‘Alleluia’ involuntarily.

By Guest Bohemian Jason Shelby The following is a word for word transcription, with a few edits for clarity, of Rev. Jason Shelby’s homily given on Sunday, April 29, 2012 at the historical St. George’s Episcopal Church in Clarksdale, Mississippi. While listening to his message, I actually shouted out loud, involuntarily, while sitting in my […]

Contritus Williamus Opines: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Caladiums

By Contritus Williamus Only God could have designed a weak, singular, 2-inch Caladium leaf—recently emerged from bulb status—to break through Poor William’s pobrean soil and red mulch, to stand proudly beneath the garden giants: cordyline, aspidistra and iron maiden, while holding one precious drop of water! Glory to God! If you zoom, you can see […]

MUSICIANS IN CLARKSDALE – Aubrey Sweet Thang Powell at Rust Restaurant

  MUSICIANS IN CLARKSDALE Aubrey “Sweet Thang” Powell   Last week the Side Street Steppers, a favorite band at RUST Restaurant, were in town and struck up an impromptu Angel From Montgomery for Aubrey “Sweet Thang” Powellto croon to. If you have been around on the DELTA BOHEMIAN, you will recall an earlier post of […]

Radioland: Pork Fat in Clarksdale – Need I say more?

  Radioland: Pork Fat in Clarksdale Need I say more? There is a neighborhood grocery located on the corner of Sunflower Ave. and State Street in Clarksdale, Mississippi, which sells the hell out of “meat!” What kind of meat? Not sure! The meat is likely inspected, tasty and no doubt a great deal. Poor William […]

RADIOLAND: …But He Didn’t Get Eaten!

  RADIOLAND:   …But He Didn’t Get Eaten!   Prone to late night conversations about weighty matters, often oiled with liquid feel-good, Magical Madge and Poor William or Pontificus Minimus, depends on who she is fooling around with that night, often engage in dialogue with elements of truth braided with humor and self-deprecating hubris. The […]

A Guillermo Pobreian Sonnet: Happy New Year

  A Guillermo Pobreian Sonnet: Happy New Year By Poor William During this past year Of nakedness and mirth The Delta Bohemian Was given life and birth The genesis was heavy snow And plenty white meat to boot It caused ecclestiastical confusion But Po William gave not a hoot To think a little white meat […]

Photos of Miss Del’s Book Signing for Nell Dickerson, Battle of the Bands at GZBC, The Help at Delta Cinema and more…

Photos of   Miss Del’s Book Signing of GONE for Nell Dickerson   Battle of the Band Winners at GZBC   The Help showing at Delta Cinema and more…

Chuck Dovish presents Mississippi Voyageur Canoe Excursion – Exploring Arkansas (AETN)

Last week we hope you were able to read on The Delta Bohemian about Chuck Dovish and his noble cameraman Michad Holliday. Click HERE if you missed it. In the post we talked about the day, the people we met and, of course, Delta Bohemian John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company. A rather lengthy video […]

Scenes Around Clarksdale during the Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival Weekend

Scenes Around Clarksdale   Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival Clarksdale’s 24th Annual Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival enjoyed a rare event….relatively mild weather on Saturday and Sunday. What a blessing. The Delta Bohemian took a few photographs while out and about during the festival. Enjoy! We look forward to posting a Sunflower Festival […]

Father Percy and Milky Steve

WARNING: This story, though ultimately shrouded in redemption, does portray some characters in their basest state, including coarse language, non-gratuitous graphic sexuality, and internal dialogue and behaviors, which include obvious incidents of racism, sexism, and behaviors unbecoming those seen in a moral and polite society. Please read no malicious intent into the author’s purpose for […]

Que feras-tu? Or…What Will You Do?!! Posted 8-2-11

Que feras-tu? Vous ne savez pas? Eh bien, laissez-nous vous aider. Si vous êtes partout dans le delta du Mississippi et surtout Clarksdale, ont un regard sur certains événements qui se déroulent autour de la ville. Confused? Don’t be. A group of “Frenchies” passed through Clarksdale this past week on their blues tour through the […]

Where’d He Go? … A New Delta Short which begs for Delta Bohemian Writers to respond!

DELTA SHORTS Where’d He Go? Thanks to Jimmy Carter, brother of the Delta Bohemian website guru and all-around great guy–Cal Carter with Gulf Shores Condos, the picture accompanying this will be the basis for a DELTA SHORTS story to be published next week. Delta Bohemian readers are encouraged to write what they think happened to […]

Mr. April 2011 – Watchin the Mississippi River Rise


Thinking Better Than Working

RADIOLAND and YOU CAN’T GET THIS S*@% IN NEW YORK CITY:   Thinking Better Than Working   Delta Bohemians Poor William and Magical Madge were working this past Tuesday night when Madge said her head was hurting from thinking so much. This comment prompted Poor William to whip out his

Delta Delusions: Ain’t No Bugs On Me

DELTA SHORTS: DELTA DELUSIONS   Ain’t No Bugs On Me By WILLIAM PRENTISS My grandmother ruined me. I never had a chance against a bug. She used to give me an old metal bug sprayer and tell me, “Get that bug Bill!” She meant, “Bill, you better get that bug before it gets you!”   […]