Watcha Gonna Do?

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Why are Americans too often defined by their vocations? Is it the sum of our existence? Poor William says, “NO!” We are more than our jobs; we should be defined by our recreational and familial relationships and passions as well. Magical Madge recently gave notice at her place of employment […]

Mamas, Do Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Plowboys

By LIL JOHN MCKEE CLARKSDALE, Mississippi He was fastidiously arranged; his tailored Italian suit was nearly as shiny as his $1,000 Ferragamos. Like his jacket, his coiffed mane appeared a bit too grand for his diminutive frame. His limp-noodle handshake had left me with a slight sensation of hand lotion on my palm. He leered […]

Delta Dreaming on a Winter’s Day

By POOR WILLIAM NOTE: Thanks to Brooks Ann Gaston and Delilah Hollis, both who responded to Poor William’s posted-on-Facebook request for subject matter for this week’s Delta Shorts flash fiction story. What follows is the opening line suggested by Brooks Ann and the title is from Delilah. “Why does everyone in the south want snow, […]

Mirror Image

By CORINNE VANCE Why do we do the things we do? Why do we say the things we say? Why do we feel the way we feel? Are these feelings even real? I look around at all the mirroring images we are of each other, each person seeming to be a reflection of the last. […]

Not everybody out there is a reflector…

RADIOLAND (Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST Musings recorded…. “How y’all doin’ out there in Radioland?” [youtube][/youtube]  

Push the Limits, Break the Rules and Tear Apart the Seams

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) By CORINNE VANCE If your life were a book, would it be short or packed and overflowing with memories from the past? Would it be funny and full of joy, or dull and uninteresting? Would it fly off bookstore shelves and be impossible to keep in stock, or would only a few copies […]

Ground Zero Blues Club Christmas Wench

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST Ground Zero Blues Club employees celebrated the holidays at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, MS. A good time was had by all on that Monday, December 13th which happened to be the 1st wedding anniversary of Delta Bohemians Madge Marley Howell and Billy Howell, aka Poor William. Madge wore her

MS Delta Ladybugs along the Mississippi River

(Clarkdsale, Mississippi) Click on the video and watch the path of the ladybugs next to the Mississippi River. [youtube][/youtube]


By Mr. Lil’ John McKee Guest Bohemian Multiple choice question- 1. From the following three choices, which is the most appropriate to put in iced tea? a. Artificial sweetener b. Organophosphate insecticide c. Tea is a symbol of capitalist oppression Greetings. To all you yellow-bellied, lily-livered, tofu-eating fraidy cats who chose the first answer – […]

Delta Bohemian – what is it?

Madge Howell and Billy Howell have created the Delta Bohemian website at Check it out and see what you think!