Hunt Marketing is Hot on the Trot from Oxford and Tupelo

Sample a slice of Southern Heritage Air Foundation from the eyes of these gifted young marketers By Magical Madge VIDEOS and PHOTOS If you are on the Oxford Square, look up! Above the fabulous boutique Nella (formerly Duvall’s), you can see and visit a marketing firm hot on the trot for businesses eager to get with today’s […]

Easter in Sumner, Mississippi Delta Style

2004 and 2014 By MAGICAL MADGE Happy Easter everyone. This is my favorite day of the entire year. He is risen! Here is a look back at two different Easter Sundays celebrated with my Vance family and my father in 2004 and with life-long friends and my husband Billy in 2014, both in my hometown of Sumner, […]

Give ’em Hell CeDell – “Last Man Standing”

Celebrate his newest CD in 10+ years at the Delta Blues Museum Saturday, March 7th. 3pm-5pm By POOR WILLIAM Tarzan is no longer playing in black and white on Saturday afternoons, at least not in the Mississippi Delta, so whatcha gonna do this Saturday afternoon, March 7th, from 3:00—5:00? Why not mosey on down to 1 […]

Rickie Fowler Play 9 “girlfriend”

Corinne Vance in USGA #Play9 television commercial By CORINNE VANCE Recently, Leah Bruce-Krock, owner of Colors Agency, sent an email requesting I audition for an American Express®/USGA national television commercial featuring the always flamboyantly dressed professional golfer Rickie Fowler. Oh my goodness!

Look Good, Feel Good…. – by Corinne Vance

Young & Free columnist Corinne Vance Look Good, Feel Good… Confidence is a lot more than just a mind set. Right? Or is confidence just the attitude of being proud of who you are and not letting anyone tell you different? Is it that simple?  Or, is there more to this picture of a happy […]

That’s That Good Clean Livin’ – by Corinne Vance

Young & Free Columnist Corinne Vance Who do you hold responsible for the good and bad things in your life? When something great happens do you say, “Man, I got lucky!” or “It’s about time!” When everything seems to be crumbling around you do you place blame on others or wonder why God could let this […]

YOUNG & FREE: Role Play by Corinne Vance

  By Corinne Vance In high school I played the role of the flirty, carefree, act-like-I’m-dumber-than-I-am girl. Lee Academy in Clarksdale, Mississippi gave me a role, and by golly I played it well. I cherish those fond memories of when I was able to display my star-quality talent, but it’s safe to say my days […]

Chuck Dovish presents Mississippi Voyageur Canoe Excursion – Exploring Arkansas (AETN)

Last week we hope you were able to read on The Delta Bohemian about Chuck Dovish and his noble cameraman Michad Holliday. Click HERE if you missed it. In the post we talked about the day, the people we met and, of course, Delta Bohemian John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company. A rather lengthy video […]

Experiencing the Mississippi River with Chuck Dovish, host of “Exploring Arkansas” on AETN, and Audubon Arkansas – Hosted by John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company

Hosted by John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company Delta Bohemian writers Poor William (aka Billy Howell), Fat Clyde (aka Lil’ John McKee), Young & Free columnist Corinne Vance and Publisher/Producer Magical Madge Marley Howell enjoyed a recent excursion with fellow DB contributing writer John Ruskey, owner and founder of Quapaw Canoe Company. The special guests on […]

Writers Overload, Fairy-Tale Endings, and Mr. Right Now

Writer’s Overload, Fairy-Tale Endings, and Mr. Right Now By YOUNG & FREE writer CORINNE VANCE Follow Corinne on Twitter @corinne143. Time and time again I have sat patiently in front of my computer screen waiting for a thought to stimulate my mind and put my fingers to work on my keyboard. I have desperately attempted […]

Watcha Been Doin In and Around Clarksdale? Posted 7-7-11

Watcha Been Doin In and Around Clarkdale? Posted 7-7-11 →DELTA BOHEMIAN SCENE PHOTOS AND LOST DUCK VIDEO INCLUDED← So, what have you been doin’ in and around Clarksdale and Coahoma County and beyond? The long days of summer are upon us and movement around town is slow and laid back. In fact, Clarksdale seems a […]

The Little Things

YOUNG & FREE: The Little Things By CORINNE VANCE   What did you get for Christmas when you were 5 years old? What did your grandparents give you on your twelfth birthday? Those things that seemed so important and memorable to me then have now become a faded memory only existing in the pages of […]

There’s NO place like THIS place

  By Corinne Vance Young & Free There is no doubt the Mississippi Delta is a lot different than somewhere like the Big Apple or the beaches of California. The Delta doesn’t have sunny days year round and ice-skating in these boonies is simply not an option. In Mississippi the weather changes from sticky, humid […]

Push the Limits, Break the Rules and Tear Apart the Seams

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) By CORINNE VANCE If your life were a book, would it be short or packed and overflowing with memories from the past? Would it be funny and full of joy, or dull and uninteresting? Would it fly off bookstore shelves and be impossible to keep in stock, or would only a few copies […]

I Am Not Defined By My Past; I Am Defined By My Dreams

FIREWORK by Katy Perry MP3 By Corinne Vance (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Does who you have been define who you can be? And does who you can be define who you will be? Is your future limited based on how good or bad you were in the past or how much potential someone else thinks you have […]