A Guillermo Pobreian Sonnet: Happy New Year


A Guillermo Pobreian Sonnet: Happy New Year

By Poor William

Mr. January 2011. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Mr. January 2011. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

During this past year
Of nakedness and mirth
The Delta Bohemian
Was given life and birth
The genesis was heavy snow
And plenty white meat to boot
It caused ecclestiastical confusion
But Po William gave not a hoot
To think a little white meat
Okay it was a lot
Caused such a ruckus
It must have hit the spot
A spot where preconceptions
Of what is right and wrong
Butted up next to
“Can’t we all just get along?”
Amidst the melting snow
The DB was given life
Poor William couldn’t help hisself
Nor could his fine-ass wife
We ain’t trying to hurt no one
We really want to bless
But put us in a box
We’ll cause a second guess
With freedom to have fun
freedom to express
We hope to inform,
Entertain, and bless
We think little of ourselves
Though we do shine our ass
Often thought as pariahs, iconoclasts, and outcasts
The DB is evolving
Into what we ain’t sure
But stick around a bit
For your quirky Delta Du Juor!
Happy New Year!!!!


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  1. Just when I thought those sessions with my therapist cleared that hair-raising image from my head…

  2. Driftwood Johnnie says:

    Pobriano Guillermo — You know what sticks out in my mind more than anything? Is your and Madge’s love for each other. And your love of good clean fun. Bravo on a great year and look forward to the continuation of the journey! Tu compa — Juanito Ruskito. (By the way — another great issue. keep it coming!)

  3. Nuff said PW. Good luck in 2012. Should be a great year for The DB. Love it!

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