Delta Delusions: Captive

DELTA SHORTS Delta Delusions: Captive   Why are they holding me captive? What the hell did I do to deserve this treatment? I am alone; I can’t see. What in the Sam Hill do these people think they are doing to me? Where in the hell am I? I am being held against my will. […]

Delta Delusions: Ain’t No Bugs On Me

DELTA SHORTS: DELTA DELUSIONS   Ain’t No Bugs On Me By WILLIAM PRENTISS My grandmother ruined me. I never had a chance against a bug. She used to give me an old metal bug sprayer and tell me, “Get that bug Bill!” She meant, “Bill, you better get that bug before it gets you!”   […]

Delta Delusions: Reflections at Cutrer: A Ghost from the Past

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi NOTE: The following fictional story was the winner in the 2008 Delta Writer’s Association’s Tennessee Williams Festival Writing Contest. It was published in the Clarksdale Press Register in October 2008. What is it about familiar spirits—a Judeo-Christian concept, which holds that evil spirits can and do present themselves to select […]

Delta Delusions: Black on Black

By William Prentiss Can sounds kaleidoscope? I remember as a child looking into the viewfinder and seeing multi-colored striations, small geometric shapes, and reticulated patterns making sense and no sense at all. I was drawn to the twisting patterns of the kaleidoscope as a moth is to the flame. Sounds are buzzing in my ear. […]