Longhaired Republicans, Politics and Facebook Rants

Can’t we all just get along? By POOR WILLIAM Wow! What a week it has been for Facebook pontificators, polarizing politicians, and armchair pundits: Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to the house about Iran, the Selma commemorative march, Hillary’s emails or the lack thereof, Ferguson closure to some degree, and ISIS, always ISIS.

Mississippi DELTA BOHEMIAN Moments: Becky – a SAAB – and Hopson Commissary in Clarksdale

  VIDEO IN POST – The Delta Bohemians were in attendance at Hopson Commissary on Sunday afternoon for a multiple-band, musical fundraiser to help defray medical expenses for Ronnie Drew, owner of Bluestown Music on Delta Avenue in downtown Clarksdale. The weather was beautiful, the music was fantastic, the beer was cold, Ronnie Drew was […]

Waaaaazzzzz Uuuuupppp??!!

  Waaaaazzzzz Uuuuupppp??!! Posted 1-5-12 Happy New Year! Check out what’s going on this weekend in and around Clarksdale town on the SOUNDS AROUND TOWN. Make your plans to get out and have a good time. CLICK HERE to check out the newly updated website of local Clarksdale Artist and Musician Stan Street, owner of […]

Snoop Dogg Does The Lyric in Oxford

Snoop Dogg Does The Lyric in Oxford   PHOTOS AND VIDEO INCLUDED The Delta Bohemians cruised to Oxford this past Friday night to hear the indominable Snoop Dogg of Gin and Juice fame! Did they know they were going to be the oldest folks in the Lyric Theater? Fo No Shizzle! Solo rap artists Little […]

A Big Hawk in a small community

A Big Hawk in a small community By Poor William PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDED My good friend Delta Bohemian Bobbie Hawkins, longtime secretary for Sherard Elementary School in Sherard, Mississippi, was given a surprise birthday party at the Farrell Mississippi Community Center this past Saturday night. Poor William and Magical Madge were thrilled to be invited, […]

What Are You Going To Do? Do Ya Know? Posted 9-8-11

What Are You Going To Do? Do Ya Know? Posted 9-8-11 PHOTOS INCLUDED IN POST Three separate Mississippi River experiences, trips to Ground Zero Blues Club for election results, music at Bluesberry Cafe on a Monday, Hopson Commissary twice – once for a birthday and once for the Junction Reunion, an excellent Theatre Oxford production […]

Wild Bill’s New Plan: That Other Week-Old Challenge Just Didn’t Feel Right

By POOR WILLIAM Poor William, with his manic self, has bitten off more challenge than he can chew, and the boy can chew. Damn, he really thought this round of goal setting might work. It didn’t! Some folks don’t respond with resounding success to goals overly defined, and Poor William “are” one. Bohemians do not […]

The Delta Bohemian Moves to Downtown Clarksdale

The Delta Bohemian Moves to Downtown Clarksdale   The Delta Bohemian has set up shop in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi, 149 Delta Avenue to be exact–right next door to

What in the World are You Planning To Do? Posted 7-27-11

VIDEOS included.← Ok, it’s another week in Clarksdale and Coahoma County and beyond. Have we done ANYTHING? Well, not much but a little. What ranks WAY up there is Delta Bohemian Clifford Davis’s impromptu serenade while hangin’ in Rust Restaurant’s Bar. WATCH THE VIDEO. Also, Magical Madge made a quick visit to Oxford to the […]

the FOOT

the FOOT By Poor William  →VIDEO INCLUDED← The evening began with the latent voice of Pontificus Minimus stilling Poor William’s jocular, often loquaciousness (OR) often jocular, loquaciousness. As, “W” might say, “That’s for you thinkers out there!” The tawdry lad had nothing to say—rendered speechless, he was! Alas, what shall he do? Slacking of late […]

What Will You Be Doin in and around Clarksdale town? Posted 6-23-11

What Will You Be Doin’ in and around Clarksdale town? Posted 6-23-11 – UPDATED 6-29-11 →PHOTOS and VIDEO INCLUDED – MORE follow-up images  of the Mississippi River Flood of 2011 (displaced deer), QUICKSAND video and some weather shots← What’s going on in and around Clarksdale and Coahoma County and beyond? Hmmm… I wonder. It’s summertime […]

Enjoying the Life at Po Monkeys

The Delta Bohemians recently visited the infamous Po Monkey’son a R&B Deejay Thursday night. Po Monkey’s is located just outside Merigold, MS in Bolivar County on a gravel road next to a farm field. Felt like home away from home for this Delta Bohemian. Reminded me of many a night spent juking in my youth […]

Watcha Doin in Clarksdale? Posted 5-26-11

Great photo gallery VIDEOS AND MANY PHOTOS INCLUDED (scroll down) What’s going on in and around Clarksdale and/or Coahoma County and the Mississippi Delta…and beyond this coming week? Check out Clarksdale’s regular music offerings and review some choice upcoming events. And don’t forget to check out the DELTA BOHEMIAN SCENE PHOTOS on this page, too, […]

Where’d He Go? … A New Delta Short which begs for Delta Bohemian Writers to respond!

DELTA SHORTS Where’d He Go? Thanks to Jimmy Carter, brother of the Delta Bohemian website guru and all-around great guy–Cal Carter with Gulf Shores Condos, the picture accompanying this will be the basis for a DELTA SHORTS story to be published next week. Delta Bohemian readers are encouraged to write what they think happened to […]

Give One Good Reason…

GIVE ONE GOOD REASON…   We hope that even if you are unsure of what The Delta Bohemian is, are unsure if you are a Delta Bohemian, think you might want to be a Delta Bohemian, know folks who already are Delta Bohemians, are scared to be a Delta Bohemian, are confused by The Delta […]

Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011

Mr. Lil John fell in to the Tallahatchie River and shortly thereafter, Mr. March was born! The Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011  →VIDEO AND PHOTOS INCLUDED← Ding, Ding, school was out this past Monday for Clarksdale teacher and local artist Joey Young, who accompanied the following Delta Bohemians: Mr. Lil John McKee, also known as Fat […]

Thinking Better Than Working

RADIOLAND and YOU CAN’T GET THIS S*@% IN NEW YORK CITY:   Thinking Better Than Working   Delta Bohemians Poor William and Magical Madge were working this past Tuesday night when Madge said her head was hurting from thinking so much. This comment prompted Poor William to whip out his

Mr. February 2011 – Sharp Dressed Man in Clarksdale, MS

Sharp Dressed Man – Mr. February 2011 CLARKSDALE, Mississippi There’s MORE…………….

Tallahatchie Hunts Feeds Hunters, Locals and Yokels

Catfish Flautt, the lead dawg and brain-child of Tallahatchie Hunts, recently invited The Delta Bohemians Billy and Madge for an evening of libations, fellowship and some Fantabulouso Fresh Gulfcoast “Shwimps” and Cold, Shucked Oysters. There was a mixture of Hunters, Locals and Yokels at the soiree. The Mississippi Delta draws folks from all over the […]

Any Given Wednesday at GZBC

Miranda Mulholland and others…. (Clarksdale, Mississippi)   Her name is Miranda. Miranda Mulholland. She is from Toronto. She is Bohemian. She is an Artist. She is a Fiddler beyond compare. She played at Ground Zero Blues Club. She played with local musicians at the club. There is more….. A video!