Bubba O’Keefe New Clarksdale-Coahoma County Tourism Director

By Roger Stolle CONGRATS to Bubba O’Keefe, welcomed as Clarksdale-Coahoma County’s new tourism director at the Coahoma County Tourism Commission’s monthly board meeting Wednesday, December 12, 2018. He’ll start January 1st.

Delta Business Journal Features Clarksdale Delta Advocate

By Clarksdalians for Clarksdalians and lovers of the Mississippi Delta Delta Business Journal (DBJ) in their October 2016 issue features a Clarksdalian by Clarksdalians for Clarksdalians and those who love this inimitable corner of the universe known as the Mississippi Delta. When the DBJ hired Clarksdale native Randall Haley, freelance writer and senior managing editor of HottyToddy.com, […]

Let’s Meet at the Clarksdale Train Depot

Coahoma County Tourism Commission has a new location! By MAGICAL MADGE PHOTO SLIDESHOWS including BAREFOOT WORKSHOPS EVENT It wasn’t long ago Coahoma County Administrator Daniel Vassel told me, “Clarksdale has so many great places to meet!” For business or pleasure, this little Mississippi Delta town does have some unique gathering spots open throughout the work day. The […]

Got Game at Coahoma County Recreation Expo

It Gives Us Something To Do!   By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO How often have we thought or said that there is nothing for kids to do around here? Too often! Well, there is a bit of a solution right here in Coahoma County. The Coahoma County Youth Outreach (CCYO) program, housed […]

The Delta – It’s Complicated – by Donald Christian

PART TWO By GUEST BOHEMIAN DONALD CHRISTIAN In a time long ago, I was a duck hunter in North Alabama dreaming of better days in the field. My former wife’s mother grew up in Bolivar County, Mississippi and after a few years of questions like “Are there any ducks over there?“ and “Did you ever hear […]

The Mississippi Delta – by Donald Christian

PART ONE When The Delta Bohemian® moves a soul to share, relate, communicate, touch and/or love us, from a spirit within themselves that innocently and purely wants, dare we say, needs, to connect, it encourages us to persevere. Here is one such dialogue which began by email, sharing past experiences and a soon-to-be of the Mississippi Delta. We […]

Clarksdale Recycling – It nice!

First Lady Francine tells you how Clarksdale, Mississippi  (VIDEO) Recently Coahoma County and the City of Clarksdale began its first recycling program. The recycle bins are located on the westside of Walmart parking lot on State Street. Until the program becomes more established, we are asked to take our recyclables to the bins for now. See the […]

Which Marshall Bouldin do you know ?

His contribution to Clarksdale and Coahoma County mattered. By MAGICAL MADGE FLORENCE MARLEY HOWELL CLARKSDALE, Mississippi INCLUDES HISTORICAL PHOTOGRAPHS AND ARTICLES FROM CLARKSDALE “For his highly developed mind, his understanding of human nature, his beautiful vision, his great executive ability, his powers of leadership, his conscientious desires to uphold the highest ideals of honesty, truth and […]

Gator Bait: A True Story

By The Poorest of Williams (CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) Folks outside Coahoma County been rather churlish of late, arguing all about alligators caught in the 700-plus-a-few-pounds category. Well, that ain’ nuthin’! Me and Mr. Lil John been wrasslin’ ones bigger than that for years. I ain’ lying. Ask him? Okay, Captain Safety don’t mess with gators, he […]

Coahoma County Chupacabra: A True Story by the Poorest of Williams

By POOR WILLIAM (CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) I swear I saw him. Last night. Skittering under the hedge. Head big as a fire hydrant, body smooth as a Chihuahua. He had been suckin’ blood from a goat. I know he was, ‘cause that’s what they do. They suck goat blood at night when nobody’s lookin’! Well, I […]

Delta Blues Museum Blues Trail Marker Unveiling

By PANNY MAYFIELD (Clarkdale, Mississippi) Despite overcast chilly skies, a large crowd attended the prestigious Mississippi Heritage Blues Trail marker unveiling honoring Clarksdale’s Delta Blues Museum Thursday afternoon, April 11. Speaking on the program beneath the canopy facing the marker are

Caroline Kennedy to Speak on lawn at Cutrer Mansion in Clarksdale

By Poor William Clarksdale, Mississippi – Caroline Kennedy will be speaking on the lawn at the Cutrer Mansion Friday, October 12th, as part of the free Community Book Talks Lecture Series. Folks will begin gathering on the grounds at 5:00 p.m. and Caroline, only surviving child of John F. Kennedy, will discuss “Listening In: The […]

A Recap of “An Evening with Jack”

A Recap of “An Evening with Jack”  VIDEO INCLUDED IN POST The Delta Bohemians were invited to attend a celebration in Friars Point, Mississippi on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 10th. The event honored Mr. Roosevelt “Jack” Robinson for his enduring contributions to the Friars Point community, his church, his family and friends. Jack, or “Bruh Robinson,” […]

Clarksdale Coahoma County Airport Day at Fletcher Field

Clarksdale Coahoma County Airport Day at Fletcher Field PHOTOS and VIDEO INCLUDED Clarksdale Coahoma County Airport Day was held this past Saturday at Fletcher Field just outside of Clarksdale. Cool vintage planes (and a few shiny new ones) were on hand with a host of local pilots and folks who just couldn’t help being outside […]

A Big Hawk in a small community

A Big Hawk in a small community By Poor William PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDED My good friend Delta Bohemian Bobbie Hawkins, longtime secretary for Sherard Elementary School in Sherard, Mississippi, was given a surprise birthday party at the Farrell Mississippi Community Center this past Saturday night. Poor William and Magical Madge were thrilled to be invited, […]

Watcha Gonna Do With So Much To Do? Posted 10-5-11

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) PHOTOS and VIDEO Two Unedited Videos Cassidy Bayou Gallery Grand Opening Party in Sumner, MS

What is going on? Tell me! Tell me! Posted 9-28-11

What is going on? Tell me! Tell me! Posted 9-28-11 Live Music, Gallery Openings, Street Parties, Blues Festivals, Book Signings and more! Get your calendar out, make your plans and get busy getting out and about Clarksdale, Coahoma County and beyond! The weather is divine, why can’t it be like this all the time, school […]

What Are You Going To Do? Do Ya Know? Posted 9-8-11

What Are You Going To Do? Do Ya Know? Posted 9-8-11 PHOTOS INCLUDED IN POST Three separate Mississippi River experiences, trips to Ground Zero Blues Club for election results, music at Bluesberry Cafe on a Monday, Hopson Commissary twice – once for a birthday and once for the Junction Reunion, an excellent Theatre Oxford production […]

You Are Doing What in Clarksdale? Posted 8-10-11

→DELTA BOHEMIAN VIDEOS INCLUDED← The hot weather is here and so is the 24th Annual FREE Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival in Clarksdale. The Festival will host a wide assortment of acts as  will the many venues around town. CLICK HERE to read more about the festival. We suggest you also visit Roger Stolle’s […]

What in the World are You Planning To Do? Posted 7-27-11

VIDEOS included.← Ok, it’s another week in Clarksdale and Coahoma County and beyond. Have we done ANYTHING? Well, not much but a little. What ranks WAY up there is Delta Bohemian Clifford Davis’s impromptu serenade while hangin’ in Rust Restaurant’s Bar. WATCH THE VIDEO. Also, Magical Madge made a quick visit to Oxford to the […]