A Delta Sigh Blessing

A Radioland audio nugget from Poor William and Magical Madge A Delta Sigh Blessing Sunsets in the Mississippi Delta often impart a Delta Sigh Blessing. A RADIOLAND nugget from Magical Madge and Poor William while driving in the Mississippi Delta. Read along while you listen to the Radioland audio in the VIDEO.

Delta Bohemian Tours Love Jeep

We Back….I think Introducing Delta Bohemian Tours Love Jeep CLARKSDALE, Mississippi VIDEO and PHOTOS Hey Man, and Babes everywhere, this is Poor William back at the ‘puter, ready to write mostly inane chatter about this deliciously cool place we get to call home: The Mississippi Delta. I know some folks who knew me when I […]

THE TOUR – My Mississippi Delta Excursion with Poor William

By Guest Bohemian Andrea Vlonk – PW is also known as Chilly Billy Tuesday, October 13, 2015 was a big day for me, the day my whole trip to Clarksdale revolved about with The Tour! Delta Bohemian Chilly Billy picked me up at 10am and we headed off to the Crossroads-sign in Clarksdale. Robert Johnson’s ‘Crossroads’ […]

A Bigger Belly Plate

I See the Problem [youtube width=”600″ height=”350″]http://youtu.be/BfCNzYbSRp4[/youtube] By Poor William RADIOLAND VIDEO If the only thing bigger than my belly is what’s on my plate, then I see the problem!

I Think That I Think That You Think What I Think

Just when you thought he’d been tamed…. Another spontaneous Radioland moment with Poor William…. Won’t you join and sing along with him? I Think That I Think That You Think That I Think I Think That You Think You Think That I Think I Think That You Think That You Think That I Think I Think That […]

Alligators in the Mississippi Delta

Two Delta Bohemian Back Road Excursions with Poor William March 4 & 5, 2012 By MAGICAL MADGE VIDEO and PHOTOS Yesterday, Storm Thor blew through the Mississippi Delta. It left sleet, ice and snow in its wake. We are not used to this kind of bitter weather here and I tend to go into a cocoon […]

Wearin’ It Out

A RADIOLAND VIDEO Featuring the Dirty D, Poor William and Magical Madge By POOR WILLIAM and MAGICAL MADGE A RADIOLAND VIDEO I get exhausted when I get through thinkin’ ……

Magic Johnson

Radioland Commando By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi A RADIOLAND AUDIO VIDEO Hey Man, I don’t have much of a jump shot but I can shoot the eyes out of a free throw, still leaving me shorter than NBA legend Magic Johnson. However, everybody’s johnson possesses a little magic.

Poor William Loves Water – Hot or Cold

Water Matters By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi    (VIDEO!!) Hey Man, I just can’t seem to get enough water. Must be the Delta boy in me, or maybe it’s just the inherent need to be baptized, often. I ain’ real sure! My Mama always said when I was taking extra-long showers that I was washin’ […]

DELTA MAGAZINE – It’s all about the Delta

And We Share the Love CLARKSDALE, Mississippi (VIDEO) Let Poor William tell you about the love our Delta Bohemian® Excursions recently received from Delta Magazine in the July/August 2014 issue. Editor-in-chief and founding editor Melissa Baker Townsend, Photographer Jay Adkins and Writer/Teacher Boyce Upholt invested some time in Clarksdale with Poor William and Magical Madge and we […]

The Wisdom of Mr. Davis

Poor William reflects again on the wisdom of this fine man. CLARKSDALE, Mississippi VIDEO Watch the video to listen to Poor William reflect on the Wisdom of Mr. Davis. His previous reflection about Mr. Davis was in March 2012, titled “Mr. Davis: Work, Home, Church–It’ll keep you out of trouble”

My Cup is Full, Not Half Anything

Poor William reflects while listening to some Junior Kimbrough on a Sunday morning in Downtown Clarksdale By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi VIDEO My cup is full, not half empty. My cup runneth over! Sadly, I seldom recognize it. One of the hardest things in this Dad’s and most non-custodial parent’s lives is watching the time approach […]

Estate Management with Poor William

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi    VIDEO Poor William reflects on Estate Management. More words just seem superfluous. mm [youtube]http://youtu.be/COgchxEggxc[/youtube]

Anthony Bourdain and the Mississippi Delta

By MAGICAL MADGE CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Just read the Anthony Bourdain blog post about his CNN Parts Unknown show, featuring his recent jaunt through the land of cotton. Poor William hosted them in Clarksdale at the Clark House during their stay here. It tickled me to see a quick shot of Billy alongside his friend, Red […]

Titties, Chicken Wings, & a Fake Death – Steve Kolbus

Musician Steve Kolbus riding on DB Pedicab with Billy Howell By BILLY “POOR WILLIAM” HOWELL CLARKSDALE, Mississippi – VIDEOS IN POST What do chicken wings, titties and a true story about a woman faking her own death have to do with each other? Steve Kolbus. Steve Kolbus is an iconic local musician, Clarksdale transplant, nice guy, great promoter, multi-vocational window […]

Pedicab Tours in Clarksdale – Say what?!

By BILLY “Poor William” Howell (CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) MULTIPLE VIDEOS IN POST New Delta Bohemian® Excursions Pedicab Service Debuts in Downtown Clarksdale CLARKSDALE HOT SPOTS TOUR Reservations/Pickup 662-645-9197 or [email protected] Are you ready? Hell yea, damn right, hotties need a toddy, my legs is mighty-mighty, who in the hell are we? Hey! New Service, pedal-power, rent Poor […]

Coahoma County Chupacabra: A True Story by the Poorest of Williams

By POOR WILLIAM (CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) I swear I saw him. Last night. Skittering under the hedge. Head big as a fire hydrant, body smooth as a Chihuahua. He had been suckin’ blood from a goat. I know he was, ‘cause that’s what they do. They suck goat blood at night when nobody’s lookin’! Well, I […]

I Was Blowing My Breath Away – a true courtroom poem

Headin’ toward the Shacks On a Monday night Gonna hear some nasty blues That’s just alright The light was waning I had paid my dues Easing off Hwy 61 Ready for some blues I turned onto 49 A bit South of town Makin’ my turn As the sun was goin’ down At the cloverleaf The […]

Trivia Night at the Stony Pony on Nine-Eleven

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) The Delta Bohemian® is hosting another night of trivia at the, what did a visiting New Zealander call it, Stony Pony in Clarksdale Wednesday, September 11, 2013 beginning at 7:00-7:30. If you have never attended, we think now is the time if you are able. CATEGORIES for TRIVIA NIGHT: Nine-Eleven, Terrorism, and Signs & Wonders […]

DB Trivia Night at Stone Pony August 7th. It’s all about the Delta.

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) Delta Bohemian Trivia Night at Stone Pony Pizza! August 7th. Y’all Come! The Delta Bohemian will be hosting its third monthly trivia night tomorrow at Stone Pony Pizza on Delta Avenue starting soon after 7pm. Categories you ask? DELTA BOHEMIAN, MISSISSIPPI DELTA, and DELTA BLUES! Poor William never was a trickster when he taught […]