Nuthin’ and Everything

By Poor William (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Nuthin’ can be something, and nuthin’ can be everything, if one’s everything is nuthin’! Nuthin’ and Everything. Two words appearing to be diametrically opposed—nothing and everything—are not as mutually exclusive as they appear. Seeming to be polar opposites, they actually are quite kin.

Delta Sunset in Summer: A Promise for Tomorrow

By Poor William (Clarksdale, Mississippi) As a late-afternoon field rider, I now realize why my father, Roundman, used to ramble tortoise-like down the middle of turn rows checking crops and nervously biting worn fingernails during summer, searching for non-existent rain clouds. I can still smell tobacco, newsprint, and mounds of rotting cottonseed smoldering with moisture […]

I Like Living Large

By Poor William (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Living Large can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but it sure does drum up hazy visions of folks smiling, drinking, eating, and enjoying the good life. Poor William likes smiling, eating, and drinking and considers a life full of all three to be a fine […]

Two Black Walnuts catapulting over a Cotton Field in the Mississippi Delta

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) Watch this video of the Delta Bohemians about to shoot two black walnuts overs a barren cotton field in the Mississippi Delta. [youtube][/youtube]