Adventurous Food Journalists Dip Down in the Delta

Association of Food Journalists Annual Conference features Clarksdale, thanks to food writer and editor Susan Puckett By POOR WILLIAM Clarksdale, Mississippi “Clarksdale is truly one of the most inspiring places ever for a writer to get the creative juices flowing—especially if the topic happens to be food. And the music is surely a major bonus.”  […]


Clarksdale, MS – By Guest Bohemian Eric Stone Cat Head turned 10 years old this year in a place where that’s a long time for a business. It’s achieved that by cutting out a strong niche for itself as both a commercial enterprise that sells blues music, art and books to visitors and also a […]

‘American Idol’ is coming to CLARKSDALE, Mississippi for Season 12

CLARKSDALE, MS – For Season 12 ‘American Idol’ will hop on a bus and take their zaniness to Small Town America. The lucky cities are Idaho Falls, ID; Billings, MT; Casper, WY; Rock Rapids, IA; Iowa City, IA; Bowling Green, KY; Joplin, MO; Dodge City, KA; Grand Junction, CO AND C-L-A-R-K-S-D-A-L-E, Mississippi, Heart of the […]

DELTA BOHEMIAN GUEST HOUSE – Undergoing Renovation – Opening August 8, 2012

CLARKSDALE, MS – PHOTO GALLERY- Directly behind the Salon de Boheme, present home to Poor William and Magical Madge, sits a red cottage guest house. Both homes were built in the Mississippi Delta in 1917 by John Nause. This little red house has been a respite for many over the years. Let’s look back at […]

MUSICIANS IN CLARKSDALE – Aubrey Sweet Thang Powell at Rust Restaurant

  MUSICIANS IN CLARKSDALE Aubrey “Sweet Thang” Powell   Last week the Side Street Steppers, a favorite band at RUST Restaurant, were in town and struck up an impromptu Angel From Montgomery for Aubrey “Sweet Thang” Powellto croon to. If you have been around on the DELTA BOHEMIAN, you will recall an earlier post of […]

Mr. Davis: Work, Home, and Church—It’ll Keep You Out of Trouble

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, MS ( – Poor William finally, finally, did something he said he was going to do and when he said he was going to do it! Make way you unfaithful naysayers; the miraculous has occurred! At 51 years-of-age, the portly Opiner has scored a homerun in the have-finally-done category. A giant […]

Delta Debris is putting up signs all over Clarksdale

CLARKSDALE, MS ( – PHOTOS INCLUDED. Randall Andrews and John Magnussen, two of our favorite artists in Clarksdale, can be found at all hours of the day or night salvaging junk, or as they would prefer, DELTA DEBRIS, the name of their business. These two men are creative beyond description. They are both hysterically funny […]

All That Glitters – A Marriage Proposal at Madidi with Robert Plant

By Poor William Email: [email protected] The following Poor William’s Whim article was originally published in the Clarksdale Press Register on December 2, 2009. Used by permission. CLARKSDALE, MS ( – “You go and I come wit you little babe, you go and I come wit you little babe, you go and I come wit you, […]

All That Glitters … Robert Plant to Headline 25th Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival 2012 in Clarksdale

NEWS By Poor William Email: [email protected] CLARKSDALE, MS ( – Clarksdale might have lost Morgan Freeman’s Madidi Restaurant last Thursday, but hearts and hopes were assuaged this past weekend upon hearing the incredible lineup slated for this year’s Sunflower River Blues and Gospel Festival: Plant, Musselwhite, and Rush. Kinda sounds like flora and fauna! Most […]

Dealing with Self

Pontificus Minimus Opines Feeling whimsical and blue Find something to do Worried about self Put it on a shelf Think of those without Stop the whine and pout Formulate a plan Lend a helping hand Come across a need Fill it quickly indeed For those of us who are among the world’s fortunate, let’s recognize […]

Have You Got A Clue What You Want To Do? Posted 11-29-11 and updated 12-7-11

Have You Got A Clue What You Want To Do? Posted 11-29-11 Updated 12-6-11 Updated 12-7-11 Updated 12-9-11 Check out the Sounds Around Town listing live music in Clarksdale at the bottom of this post plus a few other noteworthy events and opportunities you may want to consider.

A Mississippi State of Mind: Reflections of the Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival

Story and Photographs by Guest Delta Bohemian Ray Proetto of Blues Power Photo CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Enjoy this account of our historical Sunflower festival by Guest Delta Bohemian writer and photographer Ray Proetto, founder of Blues Power Photo. Please check out Ray’s website and his vast array of outstanding photographs after you enjoy his story and […]

The Delta Bohemian Moves to Downtown Clarksdale

The Delta Bohemian Moves to Downtown Clarksdale   The Delta Bohemian has set up shop in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi, 149 Delta Avenue to be exact–right next door to

Que feras-tu? Or…What Will You Do?!! Posted 8-2-11

Que feras-tu? Vous ne savez pas? Eh bien, laissez-nous vous aider. Si vous êtes partout dans le delta du Mississippi et surtout Clarksdale, ont un regard sur certains événements qui se déroulent autour de la ville. Confused? Don’t be. A group of “Frenchies” passed through Clarksdale this past week on their blues tour through the […]

Portraits Christopher Keywood Style

A R T E E S T S   Portraits Christopher Keywood Style     Christopher has wanted to move away, back to where he was raised in Port Angeles, WA, near Seattle. However, after spending the last two months there, he realized where he belongs — his birthplace, here in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Christopher has […]

What is Going On?

→ VIDEOS INCLUDED← You tell me….what IS going on around Clarksdale and Coahoma County and beyond these hot summer days? Folks are movin’ slow and in a vacation kind of mood. The Delta Bohemian attended the Summer Blow-Out Blues Jam at The Den on Thursday, July 7th and enjoyed the sounds of Clarksdale icon Johnny […]

What Will You Be Doin in and around Clarksdale town? Posted 6-23-11

What Will You Be Doin’ in and around Clarksdale town? Posted 6-23-11 – UPDATED 6-29-11 →PHOTOS and VIDEO INCLUDED – MORE follow-up images  of the Mississippi River Flood of 2011 (displaced deer), QUICKSAND video and some weather shots← What’s going on in and around Clarksdale and Coahoma County and beyond? Hmmm… I wonder. It’s summertime […]

Mississippi River Dispatch 2011 Flood Update No 3 from Driftwood Johnnie

Or Surfing a 300 Mile Crest from Memphis to Vicksburg By DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE (aka John Ruskey of QUAPAW CANOE COMPANY) PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDED IN POST CLICK HERE to link to Hodding’s Article on OUTSIDE. Delve into a historical time along the Mississippi River with a personal narrative and photography by the river man himself, Driftwood Johnnie, […]

Mattie Louise Mattered

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS and POOR WILLIAM The following eulogy was given at the lads’ maternal grandmother’s funeral on October 6, 1996. She was a grand and classy dame–the finest of the finest. The use of the first person singular in the eulogy covers both Pontificus and Poor William; they sometimes think they are the same […]

Give One Good Reason…

GIVE ONE GOOD REASON…   We hope that even if you are unsure of what The Delta Bohemian is, are unsure if you are a Delta Bohemian, think you might want to be a Delta Bohemian, know folks who already are Delta Bohemians, are scared to be a Delta Bohemian, are confused by The Delta […]