The Outdoor Channel OUTFITTERS SHOWCASE discovers the Free State of TALLAHATCHIE HUNTS man Michael CATFISH Flautt

  The Outdoor Channel’s OUTFITTERS SHOWCASE Free State of TALLAHATCHIE HUNTS man Micheal CATFISH Flautt   Hunting just isn’t my bag. After finally getting that B B Gun I begged and begged for, what is the first thing I did at the young age of around 7 or 8? I walked outside into the back […]

Tallahatchie Hunts Feeds Hunters, Locals and Yokels

Catfish Flautt, the lead dawg and brain-child of Tallahatchie Hunts, recently invited The Delta Bohemians Billy and Madge for an evening of libations, fellowship and some Fantabulouso Fresh Gulfcoast “Shwimps” and Cold, Shucked Oysters. There was a mixture of Hunters, Locals and Yokels at the soiree. The Mississippi Delta draws folks from all over the […]