Watcha Gonna Do?

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Why are Americans too often defined by their vocations? Is it the sum of our existence? Poor William says, “NO!” We are more than our jobs; we should be defined by our recreational and familial relationships and passions as well. Magical Madge recently gave notice at her place of employment […]

The Beaver Patrol

By Poor William (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Prior to the Christmas season, early this past December, Poor William and his lovely bride were invited to attend a celebration honoring a man who has done wonderful things in our community for decades, and done so selflessly and with little fanfare–a true philanthropist. It was a lovely event held […]

Standing in a Mississippi Delta Bathroom at Midnight

By Pontificus Minimus (Clarksdale, Mississippi)  Standing in a Mississippi Delta Bathroom at Midnight. She is perched on her stool facing away from her Vanity with nothing on but a loosely draped towel after having just gotten out of the bathtub. He is in boxers and a long sleeve shirt facing her while rocking side to side […]