Mississippi Welcome Centers welcome Delta Bohemian Guest House

By MAGICAL MADGE MARLEY HOWELL (MISSISSIPPI) My daddy always told me, “Madge, be patient.” He tended to follow that up with, “Seek the truth.” Those words of advice have served me well and I credit him, the late Bouldin Alcorn Marley Sr., on this latest collaboration which took almost a year to complete. We wanted […]

Robert Plant had a real good time in Clarksdale – The Golden Buckle [The Telegraph – London]

We are making news, folks, across the ocean thanks to writer Paul Sexton of The Telegraph in London. Sexton interviews our brother Robert Plant and garners words of wisdom from the rocker about our recent Mississippi Delta festival, the blues, Africa and his band. In his article Paul makes a brief reference to “Clarksdale, …once […]

COMPLEX CONTRADICTIONS: PLANNING FOR WHAT MATTERS – The Delta Bohemians meet Australia Up Close and Personal

  Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Goodness gracious, the DB is going DOWN ….under, that is! Poor William and Magical Madge, aka Billy and Madge Howell slated as KEYNOTE SPEAKERS, have been invited to have a ‘fire-side’ chat presentation with the highly entertaining and knowledgeable Tim Biles on Day Two of a business conference […]

“It is a racist thing.” Say It Ain’t So, Morgan Freeman? Your Pity Party Doesn’t Serve Tea?

“It is a racist thing.”   Say It Ain’t So, Morgan Freeman?   Your Pity Party Doesn’t Serve Tea?   By POOR WILLIAM No Sir! Poor William never thought he would be writing this article. Having penned a couple of positive posts about Morgan Freeman, the actor, not the newly self-appointed political activist, I am […]

Get It Done – a music video in the making in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, CLARKSDALE!

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Behind the scenes at Vincent Productions in the heart of the Mississippi Delta in Clarksdale, Mississippi, producer, songwriter and musician Gary Vincent has been working magic in his unique studio with the one and only James “Super Chikan” Johnson. Gary was kind enough to write a song for his friend, […]

Bishop to the NOTORDINARY

PONTIFICUS MINIMUS OPINES NOTE: The reason Poor William and Pontificus both love to refer to themselves in the third person is because many politicians and preachers do it all the time, and the two boys want to share in the awesome sense of grandeur the third person spoken in the first person provides to such […]