Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale

Pics from a few past Juke Joint Festivals Clarksdale, Mississippi PHOTOS FROM PAST JUKE JOINT FESTIVALS PAGE MAY BE SLOW TO LOAD DUE TO MANY PHOTOGRAPHS It’s Juke Joint Festival time and that means live music abounds everywhere and tourists start piling into Downtown Clarksdale. It’s been a long, cold winter. Let’s get to jukin’! […]

Give ’em Hell CeDell – “Last Man Standing”

Celebrate his newest CD in 10+ years at the Delta Blues Museum Saturday, March 7th. 3pm-5pm By POOR WILLIAM Tarzan is no longer playing in black and white on Saturday afternoons, at least not in the Mississippi Delta, so whatcha gonna do this Saturday afternoon, March 7th, from 3:00—5:00? Why not mosey on down to 1 […]

Charlie Patton’s War Does not Suck! – Juke Joint

And, that’s for damn sure! By BILLY “POOR WILLIAM” HOWELL CLARKSDALE, Mississippi One of our finest Southern superlatives includes the qualifier “… ain’ all bad!” As in, “she ain’ all bad; that cold beer, well, it ain’ all bad; or, that porterhouse steak Johnny just bought us, hell, it ain’ all bad!” It’s just the same […]

Lucious Spiller Wins New Fans Everywhere He Goes

By MAGICAL MADGE MARLEY HOWELL CLARKSDALE, Mississippi — VIDEOS  and PHOTOS in post When we hear blues man Lucious Spiller is leaving his hometown of Little Rock and headed to Clarksdale, Poor William and I adjust our calendar commitments so we can be certain we get to hear this talented musician perform. He has no […]

Lightnin’ Strikes at a Shack Up Inn Wedding

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi — VIDEOS and PHOTOS in post Steve “Lightnin’” Malcolm, famed Hill Country blues musician and Clarksdale and Shack Up Inn favorite, got all hitched to Bernikki Lewis—Big Momma Yolanda Hurt’s baby girl—on Friday during Juke Joint Festival Week on the grounds at the Shack Up Inn. Who’d a thunk Lightnin’ would have […]

Juke Joint Juggernaut

The Worm Has Turned for Clarksdale By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi  — PHOTOS IN POST Whoomp, there it went! Clarksdale’s 11th Annual Juke Joint Festival was insane, rad, gnarly, cool, groovy, boss, far-out, epic, and DA BOMB-ay! I AIN’ LYIN’! Ask just about anyone who has been to more than one Juke Joint Festival and they might tell […]

TEN Juke Joint Festival Do’s and Don’ts


Clarksdale Juke Joint Festival Lineup and Map 2014

(CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) Here is your link to the 11th Annual Clarksdale Juke Joint Festival Lineup beginning on Thursday, April 10. →→→CLARKSDALE JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL LINEUP←←←   Thank you Roger Stolle and Nan Hughes for this super downtown map for Clarksdale — a Daytime Music Stages and Events Map and a Night Time Venues Map. We have been […]

Bluesberry Cafe Kicks Off Juke Joint Festival 2014

By BILLY “POOR WILLIAM” HOWELL (CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST Monday night saw the official/unofficial advent of the world-renowned, 11th Juke Joint Festival 2014 in Clarksdale, Mississippi—heart of the Mississippi Delta and birthplace of the blues. Bluesberry Café, bastion of live Monday night blues in Clarksdale, owned by Carol and Art “Bongo Daddy” Crivaro, had a […]

Rock and Blues Museum has Live Music during Juke Joint Festival

(CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) The Rock and Blues Museum is proud to announce their live music lineup, exhibits, reception and fundraiser for Thursday, April 10 – Saturday, April 12 during the 11th Annual Juke Joint Festival 2014. Be sure to drop by and say hello to Theo Dasbach! FREE JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL Rock & Blues Museum Events […]

NEW ROXY Clarksdale Open for JUKE JOINT FESTIVAL 2014

(CLARKSDALE, Mississippi) The NEW ROXY in the Historic New World District in Downtown Clarksdale is not to be missed during the week of Juke Joint Festival 2014. Owner Robin Colonas.

Mississippi Welcome Centers welcome Delta Bohemian Guest House

By MAGICAL MADGE MARLEY HOWELL (MISSISSIPPI) My daddy always told me, “Madge, be patient.” He tended to follow that up with, “Seek the truth.” Those words of advice have served me well and I credit him, the late Bouldin Alcorn Marley Sr., on this latest collaboration which took almost a year to complete. We wanted […]

There’s Something to Say for Going Astray – by Corinne Vance

Young & Free Columnist By CORINNE VANCE (includes photo gallery) It’s more than easy to get caught in the routine of doing the same thing over and over again. As human beings we are naturally creatures of habit. I have begun to notice that this is especially true in the case of making plans to […]


By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) WATCH VIDEO [youtube]http://youtu.be/IKQDzHFfk5A[/youtube] Dude, where’s my guitar? Oh wait, I am tone deaf, but I ain’ totally stupid! I had enough sense to slip on up in the New Roxy this Wednesday night in Hemingway’s proverbial “rain.” One of the most pleasurable nights of my life! Guaranteed! Juke Joint Festival […]


Presented by ROGER STOLLE of Cat Head (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Fresh off the press, here is your SOUNDS AROUND TOWN in CLARKSDALE. Listing of all the Live Music coming up before Juke Joint Festival officially kicks off on Saturday, April 13th. LOTS of music and fun things going on so make your plans now. Check out […]

Got Enough Money to Burn a Wet Dog During the Juke Joint Festival? DBGuest House is open.

A Wet Dog. The Dirty Dandelion. The Dirty D. Dandy. By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) DBGuesthouse.com What is meant by having enough money to burn a wet dog? Surely Poor William is not gonna set ablaze a clammy canine? Is he? Why hell no! But, if any of you Delta Bohemians out there or anybody […]

Clarksdale and New York City Go Head To Head on UDIA VPELA Urban Developments Tour of USA

(Clarkdsdale, Mississippi) Going head to head with cities like New York, Chicago, New Orleans and Memphis don’t scare us none. We got it covered here in CLARKSDELTA, the Golden Buckle of the Mississippi Delta. But who the hell is UDIA/VPELA and why are they coming to America? 

Erickson EB Blakney – Cat Head – Juke Joint Festival Sunday – Clarksdale – TRUE DELTA documentary – Serendipitous Meeting

How could it be that over a year has passed since that Sunday afternoon following Juke Joint Festival 2011? I was hanging outside Roger’s place, listening to some Rev. Peyton and his Big Damn Band (see min 1:20) intense music, when I saw several creatures walking out of Cat Head, one of which was in […]

Mississippi DELTA BOHEMIAN Characters: Heartfelt Musings About the Mississippi Delta by Eric Stone

  Thinking about how I was going to say it, ask it, beg for it, occupied my mind over the mornings, afternoons, and night times spent with our guest and friend and acclaimed writer Eric Stone during his recent stay with us. Eric and his friend, Bill Krauss, now our friend too, gave us much […]

NEW ROXY in Clarksdale – Lineup for week of Juke Joint Festival 2012

  NEW ROXY Historic New World District Owner of the unique, open-air music venue NEW ROXY in Clarksdale, Robin Colonas, dropped by the DELTA BOHEMIAN office with her artist friend Ethan Jack Harrington. Meet Robin and Ethan in an impromptu video capture as they talk about their plans for Juke Joint Festival 2012 week. If […]