Mississippi Welcome Centers welcome Delta Bohemian Guest House

Delta Bohemian Guest House in Clarksdale

Delta Bohemian Guest House in Clarksdale



My daddy always told me, “Madge, be patient.” He tended to follow that up with, “Seek the truth.”

Those words of advice have served me well and I credit him, the late Bouldin Alcorn Marley Sr., on this latest collaboration which took almost a year to complete.

We wanted to supply our State of Mississippi Welcome Centers with a unique rack card to help spread the word about our Delta Bohemian Guest House. I worked with a multitude of talented artists and marketers who all had excellent ideas and input. But, each step along the way, I never felt like we had nailed it; the spirit of the guest house is a hard one to capture and I struggled to know how to do this.

After much patience and truth seeking, we finally finished the DBGH rack card. It is ordered and due to arrive this week. ALLELUIA! Soon after the Juke Joint Festival is over, I will hit the highway for personal deliveries to all of our Mississippi Welcome Centers in the state. I look forward to meeting the people who are promoting our state businesses daily in our Welcome Centers. If interested, follow me on Instagram (@deltabohemianmagic) or Twitter (@deltabohemian) for updates of my travels.

We would like to thank Malcolm White and the Mississippi Development Authority/Tourism Division and the Mississippi Welcome Centers/Visitor Services Bureau for the approval of our final design. We hope y’all like them!

We worked with many gifted designers and marketers on this project. Each one added valuable design and marketing input. Thank you for your input and willingness to work with us on this project.
Lindsey Powell, Marketing Consultant

E. Q. Vance, EQ Design, Inc.

Aaron Rayburn

Rachel Bush, Graphic Designer, Coopwood Communications

Marilyn Trainor Storey, Interior Designer and  Design Blogger, MS Design Maven

Corinne Vance, Integrated Marketing Communications and Design Consultant

Darren Sanefski, Assistant Professor of Multiple Platform Journalism at University of MS, DMS Design Studio

If you want to display some DELTA BOHEMIAN GUEST HOUSE rack cards in your business, by all means let us know. Please email us at [email protected] with your name and address. Perhaps I can make a bee-line to your spot between travels to the Welcome Centers.

After that journey ends, next place on my journey…..Memphis!

Visit the DELTA BOHEMIAN GUEST HOUSE website at dbguesthouse.com.

Delta Bohemian Guest House in Clarksdale - rack card front

Delta Bohemian Guest House in Clarksdale – rack card front

Delta Bohemian Guest House in Clarksdale - rack card back

Delta Bohemian Guest House in Clarksdale – rack card back



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