Charlie Patton’s War Does not Suck! – Juke Joint

And, that’s for damn sure! By BILLY “POOR WILLIAM” HOWELL CLARKSDALE, Mississippi One of our finest Southern superlatives includes the qualifier “… ain’ all bad!” As in, “she ain’ all bad; that cold beer, well, it ain’ all bad; or, that porterhouse steak Johnny just bought us, hell, it ain’ all bad!” It’s just the same […]

Delta Blues Museum Blues Trail Marker Unveiling

By PANNY MAYFIELD (Clarkdale, Mississippi) Despite overcast chilly skies, a large crowd attended the prestigious Mississippi Heritage Blues Trail marker unveiling honoring Clarksdale’s Delta Blues Museum Thursday afternoon, April 11. Speaking on the program beneath the canopy facing the marker are

Clarksdale is Smoking …

A Whim by POOR WILLIAM, a reformed smoker and libertarian (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Smoke! What you gonna do with it? Put it out? Fire it up? Run from it like the plague? Grin and bear it? Or stay at home? All good questions! The choice is yours! I am a reformed smoker; quit almost five years […]