COMPLEX CONTRADICTIONS: PLANNING FOR WHAT MATTERS – The Delta Bohemians meet Australia Up Close and Personal

Day Two of COMPLEX CONTRADICTIONS business conference in Australia. Note: Delta Bohemians on Tap


Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Goodness gracious, the DB is going DOWN

….under, that is!

Poor William and Magical Madge, aka Billy and Madge Howell slated as KEYNOTE SPEAKERS, have been invited to have a ‘fire-side’ chat presentation with the highly entertaining and knowledgeable Tim Biles on Day Two of a business conference in Australia.

They’ve asked us to be ourselves! Hmmmmmm! Have they seen Mr. January?!

A State Planning Conference is held every two years and is presented by the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) and the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association (VPELA). Essentially, PIA comprises urban planners (it’s their professional body), while VPELA comprises urban planners, lawyers, economists, engineers etc involved in planning.

The Conference typically attracts around 250 delegates from around the State of Victoria and from interstate (plus some from abroad). This year it’s being held in the regional city of Ballarat, about 75 miles from Melbourne (most livable city in the WORLD), and an old gold mining centre from the 1850s (at that time it attracted many Americans, fresh from California goldfields, in search of gold).

This year’s theme is “Complex Contradictions: Planning for what matters”. (Hey, the DELTA BOHEMIAN™ is a complex contradiction!) Visit VPELA and download a copy of the brochure.

Our Delta Bohemian presentation for the conference folks and our fearless, and we do mean fearless, host John Henshall, is as follows: Community Collaboration – A Two-Edged Sword: a discussion on complex contradictions associated with ‘community’ in the Mississippi Delta.

We hit ’em right before lunch so certainly there will be much to talk about afterwards!

We are excited that our friends down under, who are making mass pilgrimages to our beautiful State of Mississippi and particularly our fair town Clarksdale, the Heart of the Mississippi Delta, have taken the plunge, bit on the bullet and ventured outside the box by inviting us to be KEY NOTE SPEAKERS at their important business conference. WOW! God is so good! mmh

In case you missed it, check out our SHOUT OUT TO AUSTRALIANS WITH LOVE back in November 2011. We produced a quirky, quickly-put-together mini movie for John Henshall; he premiered it at a big party and, word is, folks liked it. Maybe you will too.

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