Mississippi Delta Bohemian’s Mr. January 2011 – A Snow Odyssey in Clarksdale, MS

Mr. January 2011. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Mr. January 2011. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)

Mr. January

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After viewing the video, navigate to Pontificus Minimus’s article where he opines about Poor William’s Snow Odyssey.

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  1. Robin Mitchell Tuminello says:

    Love to join.

  2. Nice legs Billy H…

  3. Enjoying entire site. Keep it up. Love it

  4. Ann Garner says:

    Loved the video of MS Delta Bohemian’s Mr January 2011. Super hot!!! Now, is true what they say about shrinkage?????? Madge you may have to answer this one!!!! HaHa…..

  5. Wow.. Billy… your body + snow = sex machine!

  6. You ain’t right, Billy! You know that now don’t you big boy? I believe you were the highlight of the blizard of 2011 for sure! You make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lil sista says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to see what Mr February is like! Go bee-how-woo!
    Your should be wife

  8. Lord Chuck says:

    I think it was best said as “You aint right!” Excellent marketing ploy.

  9. Hey Billy ! Has the turtle come out of his shell yet ? Stanky

  10. Two thoughts but everyone already beat me to the punch – 1) shrinkage, 2) you ain’t right! Nice viral video though! Hope everyone will use the share button above!

  11. I will be waiting, not so patiently, to see how in the world you are gonna follow this up in February!!!!!! Melted chocolate maybe?

  12. Here’s hoping Poor WILLIE-am didn’t get frost bite..

  13. Hmmm, regardless of the amount of shrinkage involved it definitely proves one thing is superior, doesn’t it?

  14. You better hope Coach Clark doesn’t see this! He would put you on the permanent gook bus.

    • Woody, Man I never got off the gook bus! 🙂 But, like he used to give points for blood when we played tackle on the basketball court, would he give me points for being butt-naked in the cold? 🙂

    • Woody, I never got off of the permanent gook bus! But, surely Coach Clark, who used to give points for drawing blood when playing off-season tackle football in the gym, would spare me a few points for being nude in the snow? 🙂

  15. How about rose petals?!?!!!! Any men out there dreaming of seeing themselves as Mr. February?!!! Any ideas, folks?


  17. Swamp Rat,
    You tried to warn me.

  18. Debbie Blankenship says:

    ALMOST too much information Poor William! Happy New Year.
    Hope to be back in Clarksdale soon.

  19. Round! Where did you get the “Arkansas Clap Doctor’s Cap”? I’d like one too!

    “Spike Head”

  20. “Da- Mule” PW in his Arkansas Clap Doctor’s Cap.

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