Watcha Gonna Do?

Delta Bohemian Magical Madge in Downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi

Delta Bohemian Magical Madge in Downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi. Photo by DB.


CLARKSDALE, Mississippi

Why are Americans too often defined by their vocations? Is it the sum of our existence? Poor William says, “NO!” We are more than our jobs; we should be defined by our recreational and familial relationships and passions as well.

Magical Madge recently gave notice at her place of employment in a downtown restaurant Clarksdale. It was an amicable separation; it was just time for the Magical One to move on to other things Delta. It has been amusing how often the question has been asked, “So, whatcha gonna do?”

There is nothing inherently wrong with the question. Poor William asks the same question often when finding out friends or acquaintances have resigned from their employment.

What they will do to replace what they had been doing vocationally is none of his business, nor is he worried whether or not they will find employment. He is just happy if they are happy about where they are headed or not headed.

Magical and Poor William were enjoying a libation at Rust restaurant last week when the owner, Clint Davis, asked the “right” question, “So, Madge, whatcha gonna do for fun?”

The erudite and prolific-reading Davis asked the right question. He did not assume her vocation defined her, but inherent in the most excellent question was an understanding that she might be more adequately defined by her passions and interests.

Terri Guillemets asserted, “Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night…follow your passion, and success will follow you.”

When we recognize our passions and pursue them relentlessly, we often find ourselves square in the middle of what we are supposed to be doing. It has been said if we will follow our passions and what we enjoy and are gifted at that, then the money will follow.

Now, it ain’t about the money, but money sure does help. It’s like Poor William’s Momma used to say, “Clothes don’t make the boy, but they sure do help!” Maybe that is why Poor William is self-effacing and has a bad habit of having his wife take his picture nigh-on-butt-ass naked! He doesn’t want to appear haughty, just a little naughty!

The preacher in Ecclesiastes said, “I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.”

So, the next time someone asks the question, “Whatcha gonna do?” Just say, “Eat, drink and find satisfaction in whatever I set my hands to do!”

On another leaving note, the rumors of why the Magical One is leaving have been all over the boardwalk. The funniest being that Madge was fired because Poor William disgraced the restaurant by “writhing in the snow naked.” Reference: “A Snow Odyssey.”

If Poor William knew that being a bit outside the box was this much fun, he would have given up garments years ago! Or would he?

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  1. hayden hall says:

    Preach on brother! We are on board! Keep it up

  2. Delilah Hollis says:

    I’m sure Madge’s touch of class will be missed at Madidi’s – may your life be fabulous! You’ve already got love and laughter – cherish it. Delilah

  3. Madge and PW. Continue to let the “Fun life”–Within God’s Graces–‘Rule”. Let the “Usual Suspects” gossip their bored little hearts out! As far as ‘Full” is concerned,(Ya’ll Both Good

    See ya sometime next week with “A Care Package”

  4. Well said, Willy. A job’s just a job, and merely a means to get you where you want to be. Hope she finds what she’s looking for. Most of us are still searching.

    Still, why does it always have to revert back to those disturbing snow scenes? I thought I finally shook those from my nightmares.

  5. Well, my dear William…once back years ago, I attended a school meeting on “fall out”, you know that terrible thing we would have to cope with when the Russkies nuked us. The kids seemed enthralled. So, in an effort to provoke spontaneous speech, I asked my little group what you did in case of the dreaded “fall out”. They stared at me dumfounded, and finally one child, with a slightly condescending tone, said “You picks ’em up”. I agreed. The minds of a small town (particularly Southern) will reach conclusions with the speed of a synapse and the intelligence of a dog scratching his rear. If your front steps inexplicably fell off and rolled into the middle of West Second, it would be because you did the frozen cheesecake thing. Or thingy. Cause and effect around here is always “fall out”, i.e., something you precipitated. You just picks ’em up.

  6. ld. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet some time. PW tells me you are a “Cool Dude” who played some ball @ W & L with my bud and fellow linebacker J B “Lil John” McKee. Like your posts.

    P.S. “We May have Been Small”; “But We Were Slow”. “By God”!

    • I look forward to that. Being that I didn’t have any horizontal bourbon moments at Friars Point, which have led to a few wood shampoos by NY’s finest on occasion, the likelihood of getting another Swamp Rat invite is good. And I’ll always bend an elbow with a brother who played on that side of the ball.

      Insofar as the cool dude part, there are 3 ladies in my household who may beg to differ. Ah hell, what do they know anyway?

  7. Hell ld! One becomes cool upon entering “The Delta”.

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