Repentance Trumps Sorry

Pontificus Minimus Opines Unless one is what we Southerners call “sorry,” a behavioral term, then most folks do feel sorry when they have done something they should not have. There’s sorry, meaning one ain’t worth killing, which means they are sorry. There’s sorry, meaning one feels regret over something they have likely done. There’s sorry, […]

The Hope of Zihuatanejo

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS Pronounced (Zee-wah-tah-nay-hoe), this real-life vacation destination on the Pacific coast of Mexico is where Morgan Freeman’s character Red in The Shawshank Redemption found his friend Andy Dufresne, years after Andy escaped from a wrongly convicted 20-year stint in prison. Categorically, some of Pontificus’s favorite quotes come from this heart-wrenching, rife-with-conflict tale of […]

God is in Gardens

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS Gardens and gardening reflect God’s creative and redemptive power. Many a pastoral life’s non-encumbrances include outside air, sunshine, the smell of soil, time for reflection, and the greatest gift of all–watching a tiny green plant with a leaf or two and a limp stem grow into whatever God designed during its ancestral […]

Loofah Love and Legalism

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS Pontificus was waddling in the bathtub last night and reached for Magical Madge’s loofah–an item he is most unfamiliar with–in order to scratch a bit of an itch on his foot. Well, it felt so good that he scratched the itch next to it, which led to a full body scrub down. […]

David Danced, Poor William Pranced

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS I TOLD POOR WILLIAM NOT TO DO IT, but does he listen to me? The porcine, powder-puffed poet just has to be “hisself!” I told the denuded, disrobed, Cavalier One that some folks around here are not gonna find his antics amusing. He said, “It ain’t for all those folks, […]