Josh Troy reports Wilson Rollings perform at Clarksdale White House

Clarksdale Press Register writer attends Home Concert and shares his experience Clarksdale Press Register managing editor Josh Troy reports “Wilson Rollings perform at Clarksdale White House” Home Concert Series. Thank you for attending our special event, Josh, and for writing about your experience hearing Matt Rollings and Anthony Wilson perform in the living room of […]

Clarksdale Entertainment Section in the Press Register

A Danette dedicated section for you and me By Magical Madge Clarksdale entertainment is a 7 day a week, 365 night a year thing. I know this. Well. And, I thank the Lord for it. Even though I don’t get out to enjoy it as much as I once did. Age. Work. It happens.  😎  […]

Coahoma Living Magazine features John Ruskey and his new RIVER GATOR website

Clarksdale, Mississippi – The Summer 2012 issue of Clarksdale Press Register’s Coahoma Living magazine celebrates the dawn of a new website. has been birthed by Delta Bohemian Driftwood Johnnie, aka John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company. After many years of personal river experience and several years of site development, John has given to non-motorized […]

Clarksdale’s Artist Marshall Bouldin Receives Gold Medal Award from Portrait Society of America

Philadelphia, PA – Clarksdale’s Marshall Bouldin, III will be the proud recipient of the Portrait Society of America‘s Gold Medal Award at their “The Art of the Portrait” conference currently being held in Philadelphia, PA. Go Marshall! Almost a year ago, Poor William, aka Billy Howell, did a feature story on Marshall (Magical Madge’s cousin, […]

World Harmony Run 2012 Torch Carriers visit Clarksdale and John Ruskey at Quapaw Canoe Company during 25th Anniversary 10,000 Mile USA Run

VIDEO INTERVIEW IN POST Founded in 1987 by the late Sri Chinmoy, the World Harmony Run(WHR) seeks to foster understanding, friendship and unity among all people groups and cultures. Visiting schools in more than 100 countries every second year, the WHR encourages school children to believe in and dream of a more harmonious world, one […]

All That Glitters – A Marriage Proposal at Madidi with Robert Plant

By Poor William Email: [email protected] The following Poor William’s Whim article was originally published in the Clarksdale Press Register on December 2, 2009. Used by permission. CLARKSDALE, MS ( – “You go and I come wit you little babe, you go and I come wit you little babe, you go and I come wit you, […]

WROX is Alive and Well and Streaming from Clarksdale – heart of the Mississippi Delta

WROX Radio is Alive and Well and Streaming from Clarksdale – heart of the Mississippi Delta The first time I tuned in my car radio to listen to the new WROX on 97.5 FM (and 1450 AM) it was nightime, I was feeling no pain, in a good mood, and headed home to Poor William […]

A Recap of “An Evening with Jack”

A Recap of “An Evening with Jack”  VIDEO INCLUDED IN POST The Delta Bohemians were invited to attend a celebration in Friars Point, Mississippi on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 10th. The event honored Mr. Roosevelt “Jack” Robinson for his enduring contributions to the Friars Point community, his church, his family and friends. Jack, or “Bruh Robinson,” […]

Former Clarksdalian Writing for The Daily Beast

Former Clarksdalian Writing for The Daily Beast   PHOTO GALLERY and VIDEO INCLUDED “Sometimes it makes me sad, though…Andy being gone. I have to remind myself that some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin […]

Marshall Bouldin III and Troy Catchings: Peerless Artists

By Pontificus Minimus Rare is the opportunity in today’s amoral and egocentric times to be in the presence of two great men or women in an intimate setting at the same time. Recently, Pontificus had that singular pleasure, and it has the potential to change his life, it he will let it. Pontificus interviewed the […]

Some Dogs Got to be Walked!?!

By POOR WILLIAM Poor, Poor William has been insanely busy with his three jobs as of late and preparing for the awesome 8th Annual Clarksdale Juke Joint Festival being held right here in Sunflower River City. As a result, he has been behind the curve writing the last two weeks and is forced to amend […]

Kathryn’s Crossroads

PONTIFICUS MINIMUS OPINES: Kathryn’s Crossroads By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS This tribute to Kathryn Grace Levingston first ran in the Clarksdale Press Register immediately after she became a Bat Mitzvah this past June, 2010. The deeply spiritual and well-ordered service was categorically one of the most meaningful religious ceremonies Pontificus has ever had the privilege of attending. […]

A Conversation with Pinetop Perkins

A Conversation with Pinetop Perkins By POOR WILLIAM   The legendary Grammy-winning blues pianist Willie “Pinetop” Perkins died Monday, March 21, 2011, in Austin, TX. Pinetop was slated to attend his 12th annual Pinetop Perkins Homecoming Celebration in Clarksdale at Hopson’s Commissary (the plantation where he had been an ace tractor driver) and the Shack […]

Some Stones Are Just Too Heavy

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS This was originally published in the Clarksdale Press Register under the name of Poor William. Once again, Pontificus found out that Poor William had “borrowed” his writings and thoughts! “Man who lives to throw stones should understand trajectory of boomerang,” so says Pontificus Minimus. Jesus was emphatic about the consequences awaiting his […]

Delta Delusions: Reflections at Cutrer: A Ghost from the Past

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi NOTE: The following fictional story was the winner in the 2008 Delta Writer’s Association’s Tennessee Williams Festival Writing Contest. It was published in the Clarksdale Press Register in October 2008. What is it about familiar spirits—a Judeo-Christian concept, which holds that evil spirits can and do present themselves to select […]

Push the Limits, Break the Rules and Tear Apart the Seams

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) By CORINNE VANCE If your life were a book, would it be short or packed and overflowing with memories from the past? Would it be funny and full of joy, or dull and uninteresting? Would it fly off bookstore shelves and be impossible to keep in stock, or would only a few copies […]


By Lil John McKee Guest Bohemian (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Precisely. Following is an excerpt from an interview done last fall in the Clarksdale Press Register by the chief Delta Bohemian himself, Billy Howell. He interviewed me for the purpose of reducing into layman’s terms what exactly is “Precision Farming.” I thought he did a good job […]