Delta Bohemian – what is it?

Magicalmadge and Poor William in the Mississippi Delta

Delta Bohemians – Madge & Billy

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)

DELTA BOHEMIAN established November 2010

The Delta Bohemian: Celebrating Constancy and Diversity in the Mississippi Delta

ABOUT US: It is a Mississippi Delta Literary Perspective from the Delta Bohemians of Clarksdale, MS – Flavored with Delta Blues, Booze, and distinctly Southern Views and some mention of Hot Chicks! Includes thoughts on the Mississippi Delta, Southern Literature, Photography, Folk Tales, Education and maybe a little History! Discover Delta Juke Joints, Blues Clubs, and travel destinations in the MS Delta.

Our focus will be on the Mississippi Delta, Clarksdale MS – the heart of the Mississippi Delta, the Delta Blues, Hill Country Blues, Rock and Roll and other music you might find in Mississippi Juke Joints.  We will discuss Southern literature, photography, artists, folk tales, education, Southern religion, as well as zany and quirky things about the place we call home.

Expect to get a taste of some great lip-smacking Barbeque from Abe’s BBQ at the Crossroads in Clarksdale or just some great road side soul food.  We might even take you down to the Shack Up Inn or Hopson Plantation, the location where the great blues master Muddy Waters (McKinley Morganfield) was discovered.

Music is a great part of the Delta experience and you can look forward to visits to Red’s Blues Lounge, Ground Zero Blues Club and other places, too!

We may visit the Delta Blues Museum or reflect on Robert Johnson or William Faulkner’s writings and round it out with discussions on a multitude of subjects from Delta agriculture and tourism to civil rights.

For more information, send us an email — [email protected]


POOR WILLIAM’S WHIMS – An explanation….
Poor William, a lover of words, alliteration, and literature seeks to make the reader laugh, think, and appreciate life in Clarksdale, MS–the heart of the Mississippi Delta and home of the Blues–a place laden with grist for humor, healing, and unique perspectives on life in general.

All that Poor William scribbles is full of veracity, but his relations with  Pontificus are “suspect.” We ain’t so sure there is more than one of ’em! Vaya con Dios, and let the whiming begin…

PONTIFICUS MINIMUS – An explanation….
Pontificus Minimus is a contemplator” of low estate” who loves to opine from a Judeo-Christian world view about things that matter and things that don’t. While still retaining much of his hereditary jocularity, he is a dram more serious than his dear brother, Poor William, also a lad of very low estate! The title of Pontifex Maximus became one of those held by the Roman emperor, and the Pope is often referred to as the Pontifex Maximus–the head bridge builder or the highest priest in Rome. Pontificus Minimus desires to build bridges between the world of faith and the world looking for faith! Alas, he is but a mere lad with big plans!

YOUNG & FREE – An explanation….Mississippi Delta budding and seasoned young writer Corinne Vance: an Ole Miss Integrated Marketing Communication student’s perspective on life (She graduated May 2014)

MY DELTA by MS Design Maven – featuring the writings and point of views of Clarksdalian and Deltan born Marilyn Trainor-Storey, a gifted interior designer and bohemian.

YOU CAN’T GET THIS S*@# IN NEW YORK CITY – An explanation…A Whimsical View of the Mississippi Delta including Photographs, Videos, Whatever We See Out and About The Delta

ARTEESTS – An explanation…Featuring Mississippi Delta Artists and Artists who Love the Mississippi Delta

GUEST BOHEMIANS – Contributing writers and artists who are either from the Mississippi Delta or who love this unique place, too. Some of our Guest Bohemians writers include John “Driftwood Johnnie” Ruskey, Mr. Lil John McKee, Eric Stone, Jason Shelby and others.

DELTA SHORTS – An explanation…DELTA SHORTS will be a regular, sometimes serialized compilation of very short fictional stories also known as “flash” or “sudden” fiction. The author, William Prentiss, will use an array of techniques crossing multiple genres to tell tales grounded in Delta pathos and reality. The often-macabre stories will at times reflect the baseness found in humanity, so that the good seen daily around us will shine all the brighter. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

WATCHA GONNA DO?This is a weekly post highlighting some upcoming events in Clarksdale, Coahoma County and Beyond using the SOUNDS AROUND TOWN in CLARKSDALE update.

FRONT PORCH BLUES AND NEWS-This explains itself. No? Might have some overlap with other pages.

RADIOLAND: an audio wasteland. Random recordings. Always spontaneous. Never planned. – Poor William and Magical Madge are known to record themselves – well, especially Poor William – at all hours of the day and night. This is never pre-meditated and has a bit REALITY “TV” feel to it. You are invited into OUR world. Come out to play with us!

SHOP AT THE DELTA BOHEMIAN-We have a retail shop at 233 Delta Avenue in Clarksdale (Open Mon-Sat 11-5pm) and we have an online shop with not quite as many items at We carry Delta Novelties, Fine Art, T-shirts, Vintage Finds and a bunch of other stuff. Check us out.

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The Delta Bohemian logo

Madge Marley Howell and Billy Howell have created The Delta Bohemian.

“Magical” Madge Marley Howell: Publisher, Producer and Writer

“Poor William” Prentiss (Billy) Howell, Jr.: Writer and Editor

If you want to contact us – do it by email. Ask us a question or give us some feedback or become a Sponsor! We are bleeding here!! Help?!

Poor William (aka Billy Howell) [email protected]

Magical Madge (aka Madge Marley Howell) [email protected]



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  1. This should be interesting!

  2. Bill Campbell says:

    Visited Clarksdale while on a Blues Trail last spring. I love the idea of the Delta Bohemian. Keep it coming.

  3. We shall!!! And so glad you have joined the ranks to become a DELTA BOHEMIAN!!!

  4. photogman says:

    Hmmmm a “delta bohemian”. In modern terms, one could argue that the difference between the bohemians and the bourgeoisie is that the bohemians refuse to “sell out.” Also belief of but not limited to the rejection of : private property, strict moral values, and wealth.

  5. Marcia Belenchia Line says:

    Hey Billy,
    Just heard about your bed and breakfast. Really cool. Proud of you. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    • Marcia, good to hear from you! If you ever get back this way holla! Would love to catch up! After ten years teaching I thought I would change career fields; I love managing the Clark House; I am blessed to get to meet some cool folks! Take care! Billy

  6. Belenchia!!! You better hollar @ me too!!! 662-654-4444. Hope all is well and God Bless.

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