RADIOLAND: …But He Didn’t Get Eaten!

  RADIOLAND:   …But He Didn’t Get Eaten!   Prone to late night conversations about weighty matters, often oiled with liquid feel-good, Magical Madge and Poor William or Pontificus Minimus, depends on who she is fooling around with that night, often engage in dialogue with elements of truth braided with humor and self-deprecating hubris. The […]

The Delta Bohemian Occupies Itself

The Delta Bohemian Occupies Itself   WATCH THE VIDEO IN POST Watch the satirical video of Poor William as he occupies The Delta Bohemian and gives his speech to himself on behalf of himself and for himself in spite of himself and beside himself. He sure does seem to like himself, except when he doesn’t. […]

Radioland: Cold Throb, Hot Pussy

Radioland:   Cold Throb, Hot Pussy   WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! INCLUDES AUDIO/VIDEO!!! Watch Videos at the Bottom of the Post. Relatives, my Mama, my childrens, yo childrens, all childrens, and adults with thin skins and higher standards than Poor William: PROCEED NO FURTHER! I REPEAT, STOP HERE! DO NOT READ THIS POST […]

One More Time…

Poor William was basking in some atypical, long-overdue afterglow last night, when he remembered what an ass he had been last weekend. The tempestuous lad had been in quite a hurry to head home after a wonderful evening soiree, where his awesome bride of mythical proportions had been having a fine time. He was a […]

Rickles: The Greendale Arsonist

DELTA SHORTS:   Rickles: The Greendale Arsonist By WILLIAM PRENTISS   Any similarity between the arsonist at work in Clarksdale, Mississippi at present and this sordid tale of one delusional man’s poor understanding of scripture and what constitutes “loving thy neighbor” is purely fictional and coincidental. There are two tales–one real one not. The real […]

Miss Sylvia’s Voice Message for Mr. Howell

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)  →RADIOLAND VIDEO INCLUDED← Poor William in his role as innkeeper for the Clark House Residential Inn located in the historic district of downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi fields a bevy of calls daily from all over the world. Folks love Clarksdale–birthplace of the blues. One lady from Water Valley, Mississippi called last week and left […]

MR JULY 2011 – 3 VIDEOS: One is Raw. One is a step back in imagined time. One borders on H-O-T.

The Delta Bohemian® presents   MR. JULY 2011   Video No. 1 is   ” ♥ Kiss ♥ ”   Video No. 2 is   ” Silent Movie ”   Video No. 3 is   ” raw ”     The Delta Bohemian™ presents 3 videos of Mr. JULY 2011. They are: No. 1: Mr. JULY […]

I Am a Gonna Do It! Bullshit!

POOR WILLIAM’S WHIMS: I Am a Gonna Do It! Bullshit! By POOR WILLIAM   →VIDEO INCLUDED← The other late evening began with Poor William laughing at “his ownself.” Him all knowing he was full of what Coach Artie Nute called “bullmalarkey.” Now, he does not bullshit to actually con folks into thinking something contrary to […]

the FOOT

the FOOT By Poor William  →VIDEO INCLUDED← The evening began with the latent voice of Pontificus Minimus stilling Poor William’s jocular, often loquaciousness (OR) often jocular, loquaciousness. As, “W” might say, “That’s for you thinkers out there!” The tawdry lad had nothing to say—rendered speechless, he was! Alas, what shall he do? Slacking of late […]

Mr. April 2011 – Watchin the Mississippi River Rise


The Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Years

What in the world are Hidden Whims? What say ye Poor William? If for some posthumous reason, Poor William would ever garner notoriety outside of his small circle of readers and detractors, he has often recorded late at night–usually with the Magical One in attendance–a bevy of funny stuff that Martha Jane (that would be […]

Come Out To Play!

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Inspired by the 1979 cult classic movie The Warriors, The Delta Bohemians, Magical Madge and Poor William, have created a 45-second radio spot for play on the West Coast. This radio spot will first be aired on

Wii Dance Sendoff to Magical at Salon de Boheme

Wii Dance Sendoff to Magical at the Salon de Boheme   The Salon de Boheme was the sight of a surprise sendoff party for Magical Madge given by several of her former employees from Madidi! In attendance were Poor William, Magical Madge, Peggy Lloyd, Korey Lewis and boyfriend Michael, Darby Lamb, Joey Young, Abraham Fox, […]

Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011

Mr. Lil John fell in to the Tallahatchie River and shortly thereafter, Mr. March was born! The Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011  →VIDEO AND PHOTOS INCLUDED← Ding, Ding, school was out this past Monday for Clarksdale teacher and local artist Joey Young, who accompanied the following Delta Bohemians: Mr. Lil John McKee, also known as Fat […]

Thinking Better Than Working

RADIOLAND and YOU CAN’T GET THIS S*@% IN NEW YORK CITY:   Thinking Better Than Working   Delta Bohemians Poor William and Magical Madge were working this past Tuesday night when Madge said her head was hurting from thinking so much. This comment prompted Poor William to whip out his

AUDIO of “Whatcha Gonna Do?”

RADIOLAND Audio of “Whatcha Gonna Do?” Click on this Audio which inspired “Whatcha Gonna Do?” Audio Inspiration for “Whatcha Gonna Do?” (a Quicktime) And here is another recording of it if the first one won’t work for ya. Audio which inspired the article “Whatcha Gonna Do?” (MP3)

Loofah Love and Legalism

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS Pontificus was waddling in the bathtub last night and reached for Magical Madge’s loofah–an item he is most unfamiliar with–in order to scratch a bit of an itch on his foot. Well, it felt so good that he scratched the itch next to it, which led to a full body scrub down. […]

Milk Toast We Ain’t!

CLARKSDALE, Mississippi LISTEN TO THE RECORDING of the Delta Bohemian leaving Clarksdale in the Mississippi Delta and headed to Oxford HERE: Poor William: We Ain’t Milk Toast Poor William felt like pontificating, as he often does, to all you folks out there in Radioland. Have a listen to this impromptu recording (see the link at the end) while […]

Not everybody out there is a reflector…

RADIOLAND (Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST Musings recorded…. “How y’all doin’ out there in Radioland?” [youtube][/youtube]  

TEE-TEE & Some 21/3 Lovin’

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) How y’all doin’ out there in radio land? Another late night midnight musing by Poor William the Sublime. He often records his late-night meanderings, while he waits for the Magical One to come home from work. This particular night, however, he was impatiently waiting for his already-at-home bride to get her fine ass […]