Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011

Mr. Lil John fell in to the Tallahatchie River and shortly thereafter, Mr. March was born!

The Delta Bohemian's MR. MARCH 2011: Mr. Lil John McKee. Photo by DB

The Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011: Mr. Lil John McKee. Photo by DB

The Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011


Ding, Ding, school was out this past Monday for Clarksdale teacher and local artist Joey Young, who accompanied the following Delta Bohemians: Mr. Lil John McKee, also known as Fat Clyde to those who know him well, Chasiti (Chastodon) Moore with Moxie Photography, and Poor William–a known paddler and Renaissance river ruminator.

Leaving later than planned, on a chilly, cloudy afternoon, it was a crapshoot as to whether the canoeing foursome would even make it to the Tallahatchie River in time to do the 5-6 mile run Mr. Lil John had figured would be our best bet to find enough water to not have to portage and to offer the opportunity to see some pretty water and to make it back to the drop-off car by dark–didn’t happen! (Like the Faulkneresque sentence?)

Mr. Lil John began the trek solo through the muddy field, veering between trees bordering the bank, with his canoe hoisted above his head. Joey, Chastodon, and Poor William watched with amazement as the closet Bohemian Mr. Lil John McKee (like the) XVIIth made the very soil tremble at his wake. Okay, we were really drinking beer and hoping John would come back and get the other canoe–didn’t work that way.

McKee safely climbs aboard his long, narrow, lightweight Wenonah Canoe. The one Poor William would be paddling in shortly. The Tallahatchie was running pretty high and the featherweight canoe, driven by the haiku-writing farmer, hit land and flipped his ass into the chilly stream–all the way under water mind you.

When McKee, who had already been solicited to be on the ever evolving Delta Bohemian Calendar, took his shirt off and started wringing it out, Poor William dug into his travel pack and pulled out his handy iPhone. He immediately began filming the headed-toward-hypothermia one.

Mr. March was filmed on the banks of the Tallahatchie River without any premeditation and while thinking about trying to beat the waning sunlight. That fellow who looks like the Unabomber is Joey, and Poor William mixed his artistic metaphors when he spoke of the Hambone Fish Gallery. Stan Street has Hambone Gallery and Joey Young has Lambfish Art Company. Poor William falsely and in keeping with the beer he had cosnumed refers to the Hambone Fish Gallery.


Enjoy Mr. March, likely the finest man Poor William has ever known!


Mr. Lil John right after he fell in the Tallahatchie River. Photo by DB

Delta Bohemian’s Mr. March – Mr. Lil John right after he fell in the Tallahatchie River. Photo by DB

The Delta Bohemian's MR. MARCH 2011: Mr. Lil John McKee. Photo by DB

The Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011: Mr. Lil John McKee. Photo by DB

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  1. Y’all just ain’t rite!

  2. Bill Manning says:

    I MISSED IT!!!! LOVE the cheesy 60’s music. I actually love that stuff. John…..Yo da man! William…..keep recording history. We will thank you!!!

  3. fat clyde says:


  4. sweet thang says:

    had to come up from off the beach to see what all the young ladies were squeeling over!

    • T want a shot at the title? Shit, he scared! But, he is rather bunnyliciouoiuiouious!

      • sweet thang says:

        bunnylicious he may be! scared, not so much-
        freakishly wise enough to run out of a room with you or magical holding a camera- fo sho!
        but personally sweet thang thinks it is worth a shot- would love to see a mr. June!!

  5. WTF? It’s the lost member of the Delta Village People.
    Dude? It’s official. Hanging out with Billy Howell has finally taken its toll on your everything. What’s next? You going to audition for Deliverance II?

    That is sooooooooo wrong.

    I guess on the bright side, any female AARP members who were rejected by Mr. January will now have a shot at Mr. March(ing to Liza Minnelli tunes.)

  6. Well J.B., Your Monday night prediction came true. Not that I ever doubted it would. PW could not resist this “once in a lifetime” temptation to show you up. To the best of my knowledge, this “IS The First Time”. Am I right PW?

    Not to fret! His day is coming “Again”.

    Funny as shit though, seeing you soaking, with your cap turned to The South. Another canoe trip I was more than happy to not make. I told PW’s ass Monday morning that I had just gotten off “The Tallahatchie” in our 20’x6’x24″ electro shocking boat and she (The River) was high and rolling from recent rains. Glad you had on a PFD.

  7. This is my first time commenting on a website, so I’m not sure of the proper protocal or if I should be writing this, but I will any way. I started reading Delta Bohemian when one of the women in my gardening club noticed a funny video featuring a naked fat man, wearing a beret and frolicking in the snow. She passed it on to the club, and we shared quite a laugh.

    Your latest beefcake, Mr. March is quite an upgrade from that chubby other guy. And judging from the comments above he shares the same alternative lifestyle as my son. I can’t wait to share this site with him and his friends. They too should become avis fans. Let me add, we are all looking forward to Mr. June, but Mr. March will be difficult to top. Keep up the good work Delta B.

    • HA! I am Poor William, the chubby Other guy, and my wife says the chubby guy rocks her world! Mr. March is also demonstrably hetero; in the infamous words of Richard M. Nixon: “I want to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR!” We are spoofing a lot of things on a lot of levels! Thanks for going to the Delta Bohemian! Read Mr. March’s articles under FAT CLYDE abd MR. JAN and FEB under POOR WILLIAMS WHIMS, PONTIFICUS MINIMUS OPINES, and DELTA SHORTS:) Signed THE CHUBBY FELLOW
      PS My wife, Magical Madge says, “Keep sharing the DB, and keep on commenting! Thanks!

      • Let’s hear it for chubby other guys. Me thinks you are in some deep doo doo with one of the few people on the planet that I wouldn’t care to piss off. (But he does look soooo good, shirtless) And I have seen him make a Christian out of more than a few guys on the gridiron in his day.

        I’d think about checking the pillowcase for rattlers, Willy. And I gotta thank the two of you for a whole lotta laughs the past 24 hours.

  8. Thanks goodness he kept his pants on….. would have really let the ladies down!!!!

    Edna, don’t know ya ,but I like your style!!

  9. I can “ECHO” that ld. He was quite “The Hitter” back in the day. Just glad I played on the same side of the ball as J.B.

    As far as PW’s concerns. I can honestly say that I have never seen J.B. “Really” pissed at PW.
    They are too tight and always have been.

  10. Jim “My childhood friend, a Great American, and surely my idol” Peay, you are a Hater! HA! Come canoe with us Dude, you can wear those dusty rose boy shorts you so love! Mr. July?

  11. Fat Clyde AKA Lil John says:

    Poor William,
    I gotta hand it to you – I had no idea that one could be “outed” without even being gay…(not that there’s anything wrong with it, right PW?) I must commend you guys for being so artistic and clever. The song is good; the editing is good; even some of the pictures were good; BUT THE SUBJECT MATTER STINKS!!! Poor William evidently hides cameras in every body cavity and excretes at will!

    Edna, how you doing, honey? Listen, no need to do that thing about calling up your son (best regards to him though, dear) but how bout you and your garden club coming on over for supper tonight- my treat. Maybe y’all can help me break this alternative lifestyle thing – I think I may need some counseling. Appreciate your kind words though; how can I possibly repay you? My wife of 19 years won’t mind at all.

    LD and Greer – two of the best defensive players of all time, and both with a bad attitude at times-appreciate my boys ! It’s hard for me to be mad at Poor William; he’s my partner (in the Platonic sense…. or not?), but as the saying goes, don’t get mad…

    Jim Bob-I need your help.

    Vatos locos forever

    • Mr. Lil John, the crude insinuations by those who claim to be your friends are so off the mark–you are not gay, you just love yoself–as is evidenced by you in the last few seconds of the video smiling and doing that head-and-body dip thing from left to right, but I swear I think you are grinning at yourself, mabye even trying to jump back and kiss yoself! Just sayin’! The worm has turned for you my son! And hey, “Bunny told the padre he likes it on the Tally!”

  12. I LOVE John McKEE!!!!! You are the shit! 2nd behind my Man!

    • From the likes of things old Swamp Rat has been behind many a man. Sorry but I had to take the cheap shot. Mag, You can’t leave those hanging on the rim like that. Damn John, sorry again.

      • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mag??? Elle D, I thought you knew real name.

        • Mag is not short for magical? So much for literary privilege. Unlike Poor Willy and Fat Clyde, I generally keep my words and names restricted to two syllables or less. Especially when I am sans thesaurus and dictionary.

      • LD, I think Swamp Rat said that the W&L football team, which I understand you were a bad-ass member of, was the first team to hold hands in the huddle. I hear the problem arose when yall would keep holding hands in class and around Gen. Lee’s campus! Can’t then fault Swamp Rat for being a little funny when he is on a river. I think we now understand why he named his first pet sheep Ned Beatty! Just sayin’!

        • Had you left that one on the rim LD, I would surely have been disappointed, and the only “Behind Poor William” that took or takes place is when he is in the back of the canoe steering while I do all the labor upfront! You see how he is now! 🙂

  13. Larry Lovelady says:

    Perhaps you could photo shop and subtitle it Delta Porn!! Wow!! Lookin’ good McKee.

  14. Lil John! I’m still working on a plan for “Camera Man”. Will advise!!!

  15. Who is Jim Bob?

  16. Well! Well! Looks like Madge M. Howell tore ld a new ass hole overnite. You go Gurl! Big Red , aka C.T.M., Inc. is proud this morn.

    C -ya’ll soon!

  17. Yow! Bring on the Patron and kerosene and a few matches. Et tu, Jeff?

    Now about that hand-holding canard… That was a little something I could never get too used to. But hey, the captain of the team comes out of a confessional with a brand spankin’ new idea, who I am I to question him? Did it seem a little weird? Sure. But a lot of Swamp Rat stuff raised more than a few eyebrows. Besides, he assured us a cuddle in the huddle was a good thing.

    Ok, who’s gonna be next to poke the tiger? Rough crowd.

  18. Just “Delta” folks ld. All in fun! Still, we don’t take “Shit from Anybody” but friends. Of course.

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