Miss Sylvia’s Voice Message for Mr. Howell

Lil John and Poor William walkin' the wedding dawg and having fun at The Clark House after a blessed Holy Matrimonial Ceremony.

Mr. Lil John and Poor William walkin’ the wedding dawg and having fun at The Clark House after a blessed Holy Matrimonial Ceremony.

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)  →RADIOLAND VIDEO INCLUDED←

Poor William in his role as innkeeper for the Clark House Residential Inn located in the historic district of downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi fields a bevy of calls daily from all over the world. Folks love Clarksdale–birthplace of the blues.

One lady from Water Valley, Mississippi called last week and left the following voice message on the Clark House phone. It was priceless and is evidence of the Southern grace, gentility, and openness to share almost anything with anybody that so many folks in the Delta possess.

However, Poor William does not find Sylvia’s warmth and infectious happiness relegated only to Deltans. 95% of the guests who walk through the door of the Clark House are elated to be in the Delta, happy to be at the Clark House, and nigh on ecstatic to be able to hear live blues, eat good eats, buy original paintings, and meet some of the nicest folks in the world, right here in Sunflower River city.

Miss Sylvia and her husband stayed with us at Clark House and after hearing her message played back for her, she consented to have the message shared with the ever-growing Delta Bohemian family. Never a dull or non-stimulating moment in the place us natives and transplants love and an area visitors so often adore. Enjoy Miss Sylvia’s message. pw



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  1. Whoa! My head is spinning after all that. The only thing she didn’t talk about was her blood type and and her favorite color. I wonder what she was feeding her guests for lunch. Please call her back and find out. Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I Know her W.P.H.— A fine, re-fined Lady. Husband a good man also.Will make wonderful guests.

  3. She is aware of Poor William’s Norman Bates pseudonym?

  4. ld. PW is gonna throw her ass in a Cotton Gin instead of pushing the car into a farm pond.. Hell! You may be wearing her in a pair of Madris Shorts someday. Or Blue, Seer-Sucker, Brooks Brother’s Suit!!!

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