Wild Bill’s New Plan: That Other Week-Old Challenge Just Didn’t Feel Right

By POOR WILLIAM Poor William, with his manic self, has bitten off more challenge than he can chew, and the boy can chew. Damn, he really thought this round of goal setting might work. It didn’t! Some folks don’t respond with resounding success to goals overly defined, and Poor William “are” one. Bohemians do not […]

The Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Years

What in the world are Hidden Whims? What say ye Poor William? If for some posthumous reason, Poor William would ever garner notoriety outside of his small circle of readers and detractors, he has often recorded late at night–usually with the Magical One in attendance–a bevy of funny stuff that Martha Jane (that would be […]

Dawg at the Right House

By POOR WILLIAM CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Poor William has taken a lengthy hiatus from “whiming.” What a crying-ass shame, not because his whims are manna-like sustenance for weary, famished readers; nay, let it not be thought so! Poor William just needs to write for his own unmitigated sanity.Now he will share precisely why he is the proverbial […]