The Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Years

Magical Madge Marley Howell and Poor William Billy Howell at Madidi. Photo credit: DELTA BOHEMIAN

Magical Madge Marley Howell and Poor William Billy Howell at Madidi. Photo credit: DELTA BOHEMIAN

What in the world are Hidden Whims? What say ye Poor William? If for some posthumous reason, Poor William would ever garner notoriety outside of his small circle of readers and detractors, he has often recorded late at night–usually with the Magical One in attendance–a bevy of funny stuff that Martha Jane (that would be Poor William’s Very Southern Mother) would likely prefer her son wait until he is a few feet beneath the ground to have published. He will likely endeavor to please.

The Hidden Whims are often edgy, a bit risqué, not appropriate for folks who would find them inappropriate here in the Delta, but funny as hell. This particular recording was done late at night after Poor William had lost gobs of weight–he finally dropped 21 pounds in two months, so he now qualifies as just moderate to middling on the obesity scale. He had been dancing in the bedroom to some cool, old school music, and had obviously been to Scotland a few minutes prior for a dram of Highland nectar.

Poor William can’t croon a lick, is tone deaf, but when felicitous he has been known to free flow with some strange lyrics and whimsical, nonsensical (to most anyway) tunes. His wife of mythic proportions not only “allows” it, but also finds it hysterical, not just amusing. And, Poor William really needs no audience to shine his ass, but it sure increases the sheen on his posterior when he is feeling appreciated for being way outside the proverbial Mississippi Delta box. Gotta love some Madge Marley Howell.

Magical Madge and Poor William both have some memory issues, particularly when stressed, running around like a chicken and a very manly rooster with their heads cut off, and it is late at night and we are sleep deprived and imbibing. 😉

As Madge often says, “It makes life worth living!” Enjoy the recording or not, but give it a listen anyway! Carpe Delta Diem!

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  1. Waite Ligon says:

    He’s back to his normal, “just ain’t right” self on this one…

  2. Waite, that “normal” thing liked to kill me! I tried it for almost a whole day, and it just wudn’t workin’ for me! 🙂

  3. W.P.H.-Isn’t that the very same song Captain Ahab sang while chasing down Moby Dick? I will to pull it off the shelf and do some research. Fairly sure that is the song though. “The Hidden Whim Years”.

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