The Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Hidden Whim Years

What in the world are Hidden Whims? What say ye Poor William? If for some posthumous reason, Poor William would ever garner notoriety outside of his small circle of readers and detractors, he has often recorded late at night–usually with the Magical One in attendance–a bevy of funny stuff that Martha Jane (that would be […]

Clarksdale regular Semi-fixture Musician Extraordinaire Dr. Alphonso Sanders

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEOS in POST ARTEESTS ABOUND IN CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI. Dr. Alphonos Sanders plays his special music on most Wednesday nights in a bar in Clarksdale. He plays an assortment of old school jazz music mixed with some blues music of his own. He plays alto and tenor sax, trumpet, flute and sings with a […]