Wild Bill’s New Plan: That Other Week-Old Challenge Just Didn’t Feel Right

By POOR WILLIAM Poor William, with his manic self, has bitten off more challenge than he can chew, and the boy can chew. Damn, he really thought this round of goal setting might work. It didn’t! Some folks don’t respond with resounding success to goals overly defined, and Poor William “are” one. Bohemians do not […]

Taming the Mississippi River: A God-Given Mandate?

By PONTIFICUS MINIMUS →AERIAL VIDEO INCLUDED OF MISSISSIPPI RIVER FLOOD OF 2011← Are the levees lining both sides of the swollen Mississippi River sufficient to hold back the tumescent waterway? According to many the levees are doing what they were designed to do, according to others the levees are not enough to be the only […]

Some Dogs Got to be Walked!?!

By POOR WILLIAM Poor, Poor William has been insanely busy with his three jobs as of late and preparing for the awesome 8th Annual Clarksdale Juke Joint Festival being held right here in Sunflower River City. As a result, he has been behind the curve writing the last two weeks and is forced to amend […]

Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011

Mr. Lil John fell in to the Tallahatchie River and shortly thereafter, Mr. March was born! The Delta Bohemian’s MR. MARCH 2011  →VIDEO AND PHOTOS INCLUDED← Ding, Ding, school was out this past Monday for Clarksdale teacher and local artist Joey Young, who accompanied the following Delta Bohemians: Mr. Lil John McKee, also known as Fat […]

Water Wars – Will They Make it to the Mississippi Delta?

  (Clarksdale, Mississippi) By LIL JOHN MCKEE EDITORS NOTE: John McKee is a representative from Coahoma County to the Yazoo Mississippi Delta Joint Water Management District (YMD). This thesis, including problem statement, analysis and conclusions are evident of doctoral level research.         In agricultural circles around the world, the Mississippi Delta is […]

The Perfect Triangle: 30, 40, 50

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) By POOR WILLIAM What do the numbers 30, 40, and 50 have to do with the perfect triangle? Well, Poor William, the well-known Girth Meister, just eased up a bit in size with his latest purchase of soft raiments–designed to make him a much grander paragon of sartorial splendor. He was telling his […]

Delta Dirt: Sand, Clay, and a River’s Love

By Lil John McKee (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Billy Howell, the Blogging Bohemian and editor-in-chief of www.deltabohemain.com, happens to be the writer’s best and oldest friend, which should indicate to the reader one of two possibilities: Howell is letting an otherwise untrained and incompetent writer drivel on about farming (the most searched-for word on all of Google, […]


By Lil John McKee Guest Bohemian (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Precisely. Following is an excerpt from an interview done last fall in the Clarksdale Press Register by the chief Delta Bohemian himself, Billy Howell. He interviewed me for the purpose of reducing into layman’s terms what exactly is “Precision Farming.” I thought he did a good job […]

Mississippi, Dixie Beer, Sweet Lucy, Ducks and Guns

The following submission for DINGUS BATTICUS’ column was a result of Lil John McKee’s recent duck hunting and beer swilling weekend with some college football teammates from over 30 years ago. Dingus shares a kindred spirit with his erudite agricultural icon–Lil John Mckee (Swamp Rat). Larry D–Larry Davis–one of the beer-swilling meatheads, wrote the following […]

Farming Haikus

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) By Lil John McKee This installment of Lil John’s Ag Corner (or whatever you homies want to call it) owes its origins to my favorite agricultural humorist, Mack Ray, a farmer near Marion Arkansas, who wrote several years for a national cotton magazine. Sadly, Mack is no longer entertaining the farming community with […]

Rain is a Good Thing in the Mississippi Delta

(Clarksale, Mississippi) “ Hey John, I really have been praying for rain; I hope you get some…I watch the Weather Channel every day” “Uh…..thanks, Mama, but it’s close to harvest now, and we don’t want any rain now for a long time. Appreciate the thought though.” Two weeks later…. “Hey John, I’m glad to see […]