Loofah Love and Legalism


Loofah Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Pontificus was waddling in the bathtub last night and reached for Magical Madge’s loofah–an item he is most unfamiliar with–in order to scratch a bit of an itch on his foot. Well, it felt so good that he scratched the itch next to it, which led to a full body scrub down. The gentle opiner shutters to think of his testosterone-laden friends knowing that he soiled his manly hands with something called a loofah, and then wrote about it for all to see. But, Pontificus is rather an open book, particularly for one who never watches reality television. The accompanying audio of Pontificus discussing how loofah love is like God’s love bears listening to. I hope you enjoy!

Follow this link to listen to LOOFAH LOVE and LEGALISM

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  1. PW. That’s quite a stretch.Even for a Bonified Theologin as yourself. But I loved every minute of it once I had time to ponder on your remarks. Remember, Sports Fans, I’ve been in Stark-Vegas for the past three days and may be a little Dumb-Downed.

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