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Cold Throb, Hot Pussy


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Relatives, my Mama, my childrens, yo childrens, all childrens, and adults with thin skins and higher standards than Poor William: PROCEED NO FURTHER! I REPEAT, STOP HERE! DO NOT READ THIS POST NOR LISTEN TO THE RADIOLAND RECORDING, NOR TO THE 1931 SONG BY THE HARRY ROY ORCHESTRA!! I MEAN IT!
Thank You.

Poor William. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

Poor William. Photo by The Delta Bohemian

How ya’ll doing out there in Radioland?

Everything the Delta Bohemians do is spontaneous, extemporaneous, unprepared, improvisational, and a little bit quirky.  Does the word “pussy” make your face florid and warm? Do you want to hide? I understand. I really do! Hell, until this week, I couldn’t even mention Octopussy or Pussy Galore—characters from the “James, James Bond” saga—without murmuring, stammering, and turning red-faced, and this when alone!

Poor William, having found the love of this life in his bride of mythical proportions—Madge, his lovely wife—enjoys with her, and because of her, the freedom to spontaneously “be his crazy-ass self” late at night with a libation or two keeping his blood nice and thin. As a result, strange things are recorded, often funny, sometimes not, but recorded they are, and posted they sometimes are.

Pussy can be a euphemism, a word used to present a kinder gentler image; it can be a pejorative, a word used in a derogatory sense, but it is certainly used often as a double entendre—a word or phrase having two meanings, one often risqué or indelicate.

The word surely draws attention to the subject matter associated with it. Examples of the use of the word in public media formats are extensive. Some are as follows:

  • In 1583, Philip Stubbs, a pamphleteer, wrote in his book The Anatomie of Abuses that the word “pussie” was then used for a woman.
  • The term was used in the 17th Century to refer to women in general.
  • It is thought to be connected etymologically (deals with the origin of words) to the word “pusillanimous,” rooted in the Latin word for “tiny spirit.” It is also defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as “showing a lack of courage or determination.”
  • The word for CAT from the indigenous people of Taiwan is “pusi,” the Eskimo word is “pussi,” the word in Cree is “bushi,” and the Peruvian Aymara language has it as “phisi.” Seems PUSSY is always associated with CAT! Hmmmm? Jus’ saying! A good friend of mine says, “You can walk a man right into the Grand Canyon with just one cat hair.”
  • Pussy is also used to describe a man who is not acting “manly”–a subjective term to non-Southerners only.
  • And, of course, the word is used as a condescending connotation to describe the much-revered-and-highly-sought-out body part that makes other, lesser, more feral men lose their minds and causes many of them to treat women with less than respect.
  • In the late 1800’s, the Barrison Sisters were a risqué vaudeville act whose use of double entenderes in their act brought them fame of the notorious kind. The five sisters—Lona, Sophia, Inger, Olga, and Gertrude—were of Danish-German descent, having migrated to America in 1886. The girls would ask the audience, “Would you like to see my pussy?” The girls, after getting an appropriately enthusiastic response, would lift their skirts and reveal live kittens in their underwear.
  • There was a 1931 Depression Era song called “My Girl”s Pussy  (See Video at the bottom of this post) performed by Harry Roy and His Orchestra. The lyrics to read as you hear the performance are:

There’s one pet I like to pet, and every evening we get set.
I stroke it every chance I get, it’s my girl’s pussy.
Seldom plays and never purrs, and I love the thoughts it stirs.
But I don’t mind because it’s hers, it’s my girl’s pussy.
Often it goes out at night, returns at break of dawn.
No matter what the weather’s like, it’s always nice and warm.
It’s never dirty, always clean. In giving thrills, never mean.
But it’s the best I’ve ever seen, it’s my girl’s pussy.
There’s one pet I like to pet, and every evening we get wet.
I stroke it every chance I get, it’s my girl’s pussy.
Seldom plays, never purrs, and I love thoughts it stirs.
But I don’t mind because it’s hers, it’s my girl’s pussy.
So often it goes out at night, and returns at break of dawn, break of dawn.
No matter what the weather’s like, it’s always dry and warm.
I bring tidbits that it loves, we spoon like two turtledoves.
I take care to remove my gloves, when stroking my girl’s pussy.

  • The Welsh Stallion, Tom “What’s New “PUSSYCAT” Jones, didn’t have all the ladies throwing perfectly good panties at him on stage for nothing.
  • Possibly the finest double entendre only a Man-of-the 80’s could appreciate fully is James Bond’s infamous, lovely, though not-quite- believable-but-fine-anyway Octopussy and Pussy Galore. Genlemen, Start Your Engines!

Now, some men enjoy “objectifying” women, and the use of the word PUSSY does sit strongly in the craw of those raised “right!” And, I was raised right, so my Mama ain’t responsible for my lack of good sense here! She ain’t!

As the reader can plainly distinguish, the word PUSSY has been used for centuries and though it may not have probative value in defending its use, it nonetheless is often used in an amusing and shocking manner.

I use it because it seems to make me happy to laugh and to do so in a late-night format. And when I am happy, usually those around me seem to be in better spirits than when I am not happy. So, in being happy, I am actually contributing to the elevation of serotonin levels. Sounds like a good thing for me to use PUSSY here as a “non entendre”—meaning, it means absolutely nothing! But PUSSY does make me squirm a bit! How ‘bout you? PW


Harry Roy & His Orchestra perform “My Girl’s Pussy” (1931)
(See lyrics above)

Barrison Sisters

Barrison Sisters


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  1. Steve Jenkins says:

    In that vein, the Light Crust Doughboys had a classic. See attached.

  2. Jane Fonda was recalling Zsa Zsa Gabor on the Johnny Carson Show when she had her cat in her lap and then asked Johnny the classic question, “Would you like to…” – well, you know the rest. Here is the link to the video!

    Thanks to Hugh for reminding us of this classic moment. If you can find the original video with Zsa Zsa, PLEASE SHARE!

    • Gordon Yamamoto says:

      Thanks for sharing this clip; but my feelings are hurt that you two never complimented my two-toned pube I sent you! 🙁

      • Oooooo Gross, Gordon! We love ya but we are not sure what to do with that thing you sent us! Dude, I love ya, but I don’t do pubes! 🙂 Shall we mail it back? 🙂

      • Your letter is in my stack of mail to review. I briefly looked at it and gasped. ME….gasping??? two toned. I do not deal with these creatures. I like to rid myself….if you know what I mean. Maybe you should consider, considering your predicament!

  3. Dean & Toots says:

    My girls pussy is the funniest song i have heard. Bet it wasn’t a #1 seller in its time

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