Thankful for Clarksdale Disc Golf

By Chunkin’ Chilly Billy – Includes VIDEO & PHOTO GALLERY A little over two years ago a couple local guys were instrumental in getting a nine-hole Clarksdale disc golf course operational right along the banks of the Sunflower River. John Clark, descendent of the founder of Clarksdale, Luke Barbieri and Bobby True, all lovers of […]

Pontificus Minimus Opines: Time for me to stop whining about my life!

  Time for me to stop whining about my life! How many times have you fallen down? How many times have you gotten up? Watch this video and you’ll get a different perspective on these two questions. PM Nick Vujicic

Mississippi DELTA BOHEMIAN Musicians: Space Cowboy David Isaac at Reds Blues Lounge

  SPACE COWBOY David Isaac Singing “Right Here at Big Red’s Place” with Heavy Suga and the SweeTones VIDEO IN POST – A couple Sunday night’s ago at RED’S Lounge in downtown Clarksdale, birthplace, heart of and keeper of the Mississippi Delta blues, Heavy Suga and the SweeTones—Heather Crosse, Lee Williams, and Walt Busby—were jamming […]

MISSISSIPPI DELTA BOHEMIAN ADVENTURES: Just another manic Sunday on the Sunflower River

“Dude, Where’s my canoe?”  VIDEO My canoe, the heavily battle-scarred, aluminum Grumman, fondly known as “Will’s Moonburn”—named after Poor William’s strong, sweet son, who once asked his father, “Dad, can you get moonburn?”—stays at Mr. Little John’s farm or on the banks of the Sunflower River at Quapaw Canoe Company in downtown Clarksdale. Yeah, I […]

Cedar Waxwings over Clarksdale: Be Still My Heart

Music in video by John Ruskey By Madgical  😉  Madge VIDEO and PHOTOS included in post When I met John Ruskey a little over ten years ago, I felt an immediate connection…a connection, which moves over the land, over the water, into the heart and back again, over and over and over. Being near John […]

Wild Bill’s New Plan: That Other Week-Old Challenge Just Didn’t Feel Right

By POOR WILLIAM Poor William, with his manic self, has bitten off more challenge than he can chew, and the boy can chew. Damn, he really thought this round of goal setting might work. It didn’t! Some folks don’t respond with resounding success to goals overly defined, and Poor William “are” one. Bohemians do not […]

Miss Sylvia’s Voice Message for Mr. Howell

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)  →RADIOLAND VIDEO INCLUDED← Poor William in his role as innkeeper for the Clark House Residential Inn located in the historic district of downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi fields a bevy of calls daily from all over the world. Folks love Clarksdale–birthplace of the blues. One lady from Water Valley, Mississippi called last week and left […]

Highwater’s Rising Report from Driftwood Johnnie

By DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE Y’all, its happening, this is exactly what the US Army Corps of Engineers has created the greatest levee system in the world to protect us from — they call it “Project Flood” — next week we will see the highest waters in the Lower Mississippi Valley since the record-breaking high water of 1937. […]

Delta Delusions: Faces

By WILLIAM PRENTISS CLARKSDALE, Mississippi I see faces everywhere and in everything, always have, but I had never seen them in second story windows–not until recently. I doubt I am alone in fearing hollow faces peering out from lonely windows! I see faces in clouds, trees, rock formations, paintings, and just about any collection of found […]

Sunflower River Expedition: Take a journey with us

With John Ruskey and friends A Sunflower River Expedition! An excerpt taken from John Ruskey’s update Keith Plunkett — Lucy’s Revenge: 2 Days on a Sunflower River Expedition  “We hosted Keith & Sharon Plunkett and their son Hudson on the Sunflower last weekend — 11 paddlers on the river Saturday, 13 paddlers on Sunday, including […]

Herons & Otters: February is “Sunflower River Month”

By DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE Sat, Feb 19th @ 12noon — Meeting for Friends of the Sunflower River  — Open to the public — at Quapaw Canoe Company — Street level 3rd & Sunflower Avenue in downtown Clarksdale Great Blue Heron On a recent February Delta Day as I was walking along the banks of the Sunflower […]

But isn’t it Dirty? No, it’s the Sunflower!

By DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE (John Ruskey is a contributing writer to The Delta Bohemian) Sat, Feb 19th @ 12 noon — Meeting for Friends of the Sunflower River — at Quapaw Canoe Company — Street level 3rd & Sunflower Ave. Y’all its that time of year: February is Sunflower River Month!  If you’ve never before participated […]

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

By Pontificus Minimus (Clarksdale, Mississippi)  Now I lay me down to sleep. …I pray the Lord my soul to keep. [If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take]. Bless Momma and Daddy, Lou and Frank, Granny and Mammy, Vester and Nettie, John McKee, and everybody I love, and […]