Clarksdale, MS – By Guest Bohemian Eric Stone Cat Head turned 10 years old this year in a place where that’s a long time for a business. It’s achieved that by cutting out a strong niche for itself as both a commercial enterprise that sells blues music, art and books to visitors and also a […]

The Big Dinner on the Ground – Mississippi Picnic in Central Park 33rd Celebration

By Guest Bohemian Erickson EB Blakney, Broadcast Journalist and Documentarian with Publisher’s Footnote New York City – PHOTO GALLERY – “Follow your nose, it always knows,” so goes the popular ad jingle.  Saturday, as I was standing at the far southwestern reaches of Central Park’s Sheep’s Meadow, I detected the faint, yet distinct aroma of a […]

Why is Padre David Elliott So Glad to be an Episcopalian? Could it be Freedom of Thought – Freedom to Disagree – Freedom to Question and Search?


Mississippi DELTA BOHEMIAN Characters: Heartfelt Musings About the Mississippi Delta by Eric Stone

  Thinking about how I was going to say it, ask it, beg for it, occupied my mind over the mornings, afternoons, and night times spent with our guest and friend and acclaimed writer Eric Stone during his recent stay with us. Eric and his friend, Bill Krauss, now our friend too, gave us much […]

Au Revoir, Avec Notre Amis, Levi (Saying goodbye with our friend Levi Minyard)

  Au Revoir, Avec Notre Amis, Levi (Saying goodbye with our friend Levi Minyard) By Guest Bohemian Jay Hughes a friend in Oxford who did not know him nearly long enough OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ( – The first time I met Levi it was apparent that his smile was as contagious as his energy was infectious.  […]

Men! What Do They Need?

By Magical Madge For going on three-plus years now, I have had in my iPhone the following Note (see image): Respected Admired Wanted Now why did I put only those three words into a Note on my iPhone with no explanation? 

The Delta Bohemian: Year-end Review: What We Did & Where We Are Headed

The Delta Bohemian (DB) turned one-year old recently! The “brainless child” of Billy and Madge Marley Howell–Poor William and Magical Madge–the DB was established as an organic expression of how the two see and experience the Mississippi Delta and Clarksdale, Mississippi. What is The Delta Bohemian? We consider it a zany, quirky, off-the-wall, always spontaneous, […]

Portrait of an Art Teacher as a Young Woman

Portrait of an Art Teacher as a Young Woman By Guest Bohemian Alex Hemrick The Delta Bohemian is thrilled to feature an intuitive, humorous reflection by Delta Bohemian Alex Hemrick, a local middle school teacher in the Clarksdale Municipal School District. Alex and her awesome roommate and teacher Kelly West share a fishpond with Poor […]

A Mississippi State of Mind: Reflections of the Sunflower River Blues & Gospel Festival

Story and Photographs by Guest Delta Bohemian Ray Proetto of Blues Power Photo CLARKSDALE, Mississippi Enjoy this account of our historical Sunflower festival by Guest Delta Bohemian writer and photographer Ray Proetto, founder of Blues Power Photo. Please check out Ray’s website and his vast array of outstanding photographs after you enjoy his story and […]

PLEASE REMOVE YOUR LITTER – Mighty Quapaw Mississippi River Flood 2011 Cleanup Aftermath

By DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE ( aka John Ruskey ) I have been thinking about the question — Why Clean Up?  I must admit I have been dismissive of the cleanup trend sweeping the Lower Mississippi, thinking I would rather appreciate and share the beauty of the world than clean up after the slobs upstream whose neglect […]

How Taking the Chicago Plunge in 1969 Changed a Seminarian

By Guest Bohemian Rev. David A. Elliott III with Publishers Footnote by Magical Madge I have been asked by Magical Madge to be a “Guest Bohemian”–an honor which I cherish very much. I taught Madge at All Saints’ Episcopal School in Vicksburg, Missisippi and just recently met the rest of her family–Corinne and Poor William. […]

Drew Mississippi and Drew School District: A Long Way from the Days of Archie “Who” Manning: Education and Culture in the Abyss

Drew Mississippi and Drew School District: A Long Way from the Days of Archie “Who” Manning: Education and Culture in the Abyss By Huckleberry Ed Huckleberry Ed remembers his first trip to Drew as a youngster. It was for Archie Manning Day in 1971; the legendary baseball great, Dizzy Dean, who married a Bond, Mississippi […]

After The Flood – Driftwood Johnnies Lower Mississippi River Dispatch

By Driftwood Johnnie Ruskey Congrats to Atchafalya Basinkeeper Dean Wilson who was awarded the 2011 River Heroes Award. For full story CLICK HERE.   After the Flood We’re still drying out here, but seeing the lull at the end of the crest.  Of course, who knows what’s coming behind this wave — Was this the […]

32nd Annual Mississippi Picnic in Central Park – Reported by new Delta Bohemian, Semi-Fixture, Journalist and Soon To Be Documentarian Erickson EB Blakney

By New Delta Bohemian, Semi-Fixture, Journalist and Soon-To-Be Documentarian Erickson “EB” Blakney →PHOTOS  INCLUDED← (New York, New York) There was a lot to shout about at the 32nd Annual Mississippi Picnic in Central Park on Saturday June 11th: foot-stomping blues from guitarist Eddie Cotton, Jr. and his band, the ‘Artists’ Tent’ featuring Mississippi artists, the 500 […]

Photo Images After The Flood of the Mississippi River 2011 by John Ruskey and The Delta Bohemian PLUS Poor William swims The Great Divide

POOR WILLIAM SWIMS THE GREAT DIVIDE – LEFTOVER BY THE FLOOD OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER 2011 PHOTOS AND VIDEO FROM DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE (aka John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company) “Last week the river dropped below flood stage (44 in Helena) and the big sandbar islands started demonstrating their resilience in the face of the highest […]

Where’d He Go Submission by Guest Delta Bohemian Writer Josh Vaughan – EYES OF THE LAKE HAG

DELTA SHORTS Where’d He Go? Submission by Guest Delta Bohemian Josh Vaughan EYES OF THE LAKE HAG                     Delta Bohemian readers were encouraged to write what they think happened to the fellow who once inhabited the clothes in the picture accompany this article. The winner was […]

Driftwood Johnnie – aka Delta Bohemian John Ruskey – is featured in the Oxford American SoLost: Flood Zen

FLOOD ZEN Delta Bohemian Driftwood Johnnie is featured in the The Oxford American – F l o o d Z e n – →VIDEO INCLUDED← The Oxford American’s Dave Anderson published a video of Delta Bohemian and Quapaw Canoe Company owner John Ruskey canoeing on the Mississippi River during it’s recent historical crest. Take a […]

Where’d He Go? … A New Delta Short which begs for Delta Bohemian Writers to respond!

DELTA SHORTS Where’d He Go? Thanks to Jimmy Carter, brother of the Delta Bohemian website guru and all-around great guy–Cal Carter with Gulf Shores Condos, the picture accompanying this will be the basis for a DELTA SHORTS story to be published next week. Delta Bohemian readers are encouraged to write what they think happened to […]

Mississippi River Dispatch 2011 Flood Update No 3 from Driftwood Johnnie

Or Surfing a 300 Mile Crest from Memphis to Vicksburg By DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE (aka John Ruskey of QUAPAW CANOE COMPANY) PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDED IN POST CLICK HERE to link to Hodding’s Article on OUTSIDE. Delve into a historical time along the Mississippi River with a personal narrative and photography by the river man himself, Driftwood Johnnie, […]

Ken Murphy: A Coastal Bohemian’s Testament to Fate

KEN MURPHY: A Coastal Bohemian’s Testament to Fate By LEE COMMER PHARR   Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the launching of the Mississippi: State of the Blues exhibit at the Delta Blues Museum displaying photography from the book of the same title written by Scott Barretta and Ken Murphy. The authors attended and […]