What Is Going On In The World of Clarksdale? Posted 11-16-11

What’s Goin On In The World of Clarksdale? Posted 11-16-11 The holiday season is upon us. A friend of ours recently remarked, “It’s not even Halloween and Christmas decorations are in the shop windows in Clarksdale!!” Have a look at Roger Stolle and Nan Hughes’s listing of the music going on around town this week […]

Mississippi River Dispatch 2011 Flood Update No 3 from Driftwood Johnnie

Or Surfing a 300 Mile Crest from Memphis to Vicksburg By DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE (aka John Ruskey of QUAPAW CANOE COMPANY) PHOTO GALLERY INCLUDED IN POST CLICK HERE to link to Hodding’s Article on OUTSIDE. Delve into a historical time along the Mississippi River with a personal narrative and photography by the river man himself, Driftwood Johnnie, […]