What Will You Be Doin in and around Clarksdale town? Posted 6-23-11

What Will You Be Doin’ in and around Clarksdale town? Posted 6-23-11 – UPDATED 6-29-11 →PHOTOS and VIDEO INCLUDED – MORE follow-up images  of the Mississippi River Flood of 2011 (displaced deer), QUICKSAND video and some weather shots← What’s going on in and around Clarksdale and Coahoma County and beyond? Hmmm… I wonder. It’s summertime […]

Photo Images After The Flood of the Mississippi River 2011 by John Ruskey and The Delta Bohemian PLUS Poor William swims The Great Divide

POOR WILLIAM SWIMS THE GREAT DIVIDE – LEFTOVER BY THE FLOOD OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER 2011 PHOTOS AND VIDEO FROM DRIFTWOOD JOHNNIE (aka John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company) “Last week the river dropped below flood stage (44 in Helena) and the big sandbar islands started demonstrating their resilience in the face of the highest […]