Busy Has Become The New Lazy

By Corinne Vance Take a second to breath: Close your eyes, clear your mind and take one of those deep breaths that hisses through the nostrils and fills the belly. Now hold it! Enjoy, be thankful for, and recognize this moment when your mind doesn’t have to take notice about anything except for the oxygen […]

YOUNG & FREE: Role Play by Corinne Vance

  By Corinne Vance In high school I played the role of the flirty, carefree, act-like-I’m-dumber-than-I-am girl. Lee Academy in Clarksdale, Mississippi gave me a role, and by golly I played it well. I cherish those fond memories of when I was able to display my star-quality talent, but it’s safe to say my days […]

Writers Overload, Fairy-Tale Endings, and Mr. Right Now

Writer’s Overload, Fairy-Tale Endings, and Mr. Right Now By YOUNG & FREE writer CORINNE VANCE Follow Corinne on Twitter @corinne143. Time and time again I have sat patiently in front of my computer screen waiting for a thought to stimulate my mind and put my fingers to work on my keyboard. I have desperately attempted […]

How Taking the Chicago Plunge in 1969 Changed a Seminarian

By Guest Bohemian Rev. David A. Elliott III with Publishers Footnote by Magical Madge I have been asked by Magical Madge to be a “Guest Bohemian”–an honor which I cherish very much. I taught Madge at All Saints’ Episcopal School in Vicksburg, Missisippi and just recently met the rest of her family–Corinne and Poor William. […]

World Premier of MOON RING at Little Rock Film Festival featuring our own Corinne Vance as Supporting Actress

Little Rock, Arkansas →VIDEO and PHOTOS INCLUDED← The Delta Bohemian’s YOUNG & FREE columnist and Clarksdale resident, Corinne Vance, will be featured as the Supporting Actress in the World Premier of the film “Moon Ring” at the Little Rock Film Festival to be held Friday, June 3 at 6:45pm at the Argenta Community Theater in […]

I am at Peace

YOUNG & FREE:   Peace By Corinne Vance           The sweet taste of pineapple and rum kisses my lips Wind from the waves sends chills down my back I dig my toes deeper to find the cold sand that’s been hidden from the heat The sun warms me up and makes […]

A Bohemian Night in Oxford

A Bohemian Night in Oxford   Oxford, Mississippi entertained the Delta Bohemians this past week for a one-night soiree celebrating Magical Madge’s birthday. Dinner at Lenora’s restaurant with Delta Bohemian writer and first-year Ole Miss student Corinne Vance and “friend” started the evening off with a bang. The adults enjoyed 12-year-old scotch and a meal […]

Mirror Image

By CORINNE VANCE Why do we do the things we do? Why do we say the things we say? Why do we feel the way we feel? Are these feelings even real? I look around at all the mirroring images we are of each other, each person seeming to be a reflection of the last. […]

There’s NO place like THIS place

  By Corinne Vance Young & Free There is no doubt the Mississippi Delta is a lot different than somewhere like the Big Apple or the beaches of California. The Delta doesn’t have sunny days year round and ice-skating in these boonies is simply not an option. In Mississippi the weather changes from sticky, humid […]

Push the Limits, Break the Rules and Tear Apart the Seams

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) By CORINNE VANCE If your life were a book, would it be short or packed and overflowing with memories from the past? Would it be funny and full of joy, or dull and uninteresting? Would it fly off bookstore shelves and be impossible to keep in stock, or would only a few copies […]

A Mississippi Delta Christmas

By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST A story about a Mississippi Delta Christmas. In Poor William’s ‘umble estimation, The Mississippi Delta hosts no finer Christmas night party than the one shared for 45 years by the Howells, Johnsons, and Connells. It includes hot Southern delicacies such as rare beef tender, lovingly stuffed twice-baked […]

Ground Zero Blues Club Christmas Wench

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST Ground Zero Blues Club employees celebrated the holidays at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, MS. A good time was had by all on that Monday, December 13th which happened to be the 1st wedding anniversary of Delta Bohemians Madge Marley Howell and Billy Howell, aka Poor William. Madge wore her

Helpless On Mississippi Highway 6

By CORINNE VANCE (Clarksdale, Mississippi)  The beat of a heart or the flutter of a bird’s wings, things we expect to happen in the blink of an eye. What significance does one second of the day out of 86,400 have? It may claim ownership of a kiss on the cheek, the flash of a camera […]

I Am Not Defined By My Past; I Am Defined By My Dreams

FIREWORK by Katy Perry MP3 By Corinne Vance (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Does who you have been define who you can be? And does who you can be define who you will be? Is your future limited based on how good or bad you were in the past or how much potential someone else thinks you have […]

Look See–A Passionate Mississippi Delta Artist: Christopher Keywood

(Clarksdale, Mississippi)  Christopher Keywood was born a child in Mississippi who moved to Port Angeles, Washington, San Diego, California and back to the Mississippi Delta. His life used to only consist of women, drugs, fast cars, motorcycles. . . and it eventually led him to prison. His life today is all about love and happiness […]

A Pure-Blooded Southern Belle

By Corinne Vance (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Ask me if cheese grits are the best breakfast snack, I would say, “Yes.” Ask me if watching SEC football is the best way to spend a Saturday, I would say “Of course.” Ask me if the South is the best place on Earth, I would say “Hell yeah!” I […]