Ground Zero Blues Club Christmas Wench

Delta Bohemian Christmas Pirate Wench dancing at Ground Zero Blues Club

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO IN POST

Ground Zero Blues Club employees celebrated the holidays at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, MS. A good time was had by all on that Monday, December 13th which happened to be the 1st wedding anniversary of Delta Bohemians Madge Marley Howell and Billy Howell, aka Poor William. Madge wore her

wedding dress to the festive event. EY, local semi-fixture, attended the event as a guest of Walt’s. In addition, at the end I have posted another short video of a GZBC employee also enjoying herself with a quick dance move.


SCROLL down and have a look at the photographs from the ACTUAL Pirate Wedding of Delta Bohemians Madge and Billy on December 13, 2009 at The Clark House in Clarksdale, Mississippi.


Delta Bohemian Billy Howell The Bridegroom

Delta Bohemian Bridegroom Billy Howell descending to Marvin Gaye’s “LET’S GET IT ON”

Groom, Best Man and Wedding Guests watching fellow DB Corinne Vance, the Maid of Honor, descend the staircase to Amy Grant’s “BABY, BABY”. Photo by Daniel Vassel

DB Maid of Honor Corinne Vance with her uncles willingly playing the part of pirates!

Delta Bohemian Bride Madge nearing the bottom of the stairs to Moulin Rouge’s “COME WHAT MAY”

The Groom presenting the lit up sparkling diamond following a phone call from Angelina.

The Wedding Party at the Pirate Wedding in Clarksdale, MS at The Clark House

Delta Bohemian Bride Madge Marley Howell about to throw the bouquet from The Clark House staircase in Clarksdale, MS.


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  1. Poor William,
    Have you ever thought of starting a list of those Delta Bohemians who make or have made the Delta such a colorful place?
    You could start with Tennessee Wiilliams. I would also think McCarty, Semmes Luckett, Jimmy Pambianchi (lead singer of The Reets), Semmes Luckett, Jane Rule Burdine, Martha Foose, Bob Bailey, Jim Dees (from Leland, host of Thacker Mountain Radio), the late Charlie Jacobs (lead singer of the Tangents), Mose Allison, Duff Dorrough, Khoury (the artist from Greenville), the Alexander family, Shelby Foote, Jimbo Mathus, Maude Schuyler Clay, Richard Ragan, etc. The list could go on forever…

  2. Sparky, what a great idea! Let’s toss it out there and see who our readers think should be added to your most excellent list! ????

  3. Gordon Yamamoto says:

    Love your video of dancing pirate wench! I notice toward end, she is manipulating cell phone…probably trying to phone me to dance with!! Tell her to be patient, I’ll be there shortly!

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