Longhaired Republicans, Politics and Facebook Rants

Can’t we all just get along? By POOR WILLIAM Wow! What a week it has been for Facebook pontificators, polarizing politicians, and armchair pundits: Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to the house about Iran, the Selma commemorative march, Hillary’s emails or the lack thereof, Ferguson closure to some degree, and ISIS, always ISIS.

STOP THE WORLD – Poor William is Overstimulated

Poor William Wants to Get Off: He is Rather Over-Stimulated! By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO and PHOTOS What is he talking about now? Stop the world he wants to get off? Hey man, he can check out any time! This ain’ the Hotel California! “Stop the world I want to get off” means I […]

Delta Dreaming on a Winter’s Day

By POOR WILLIAM NOTE: Thanks to Brooks Ann Gaston and Delilah Hollis, both who responded to Poor William’s posted-on-Facebook request for subject matter for this week’s Delta Shorts flash fiction story. What follows is the opening line suggested by Brooks Ann and the title is from Delilah. “Why does everyone in the south want snow, […]