The Parting Glass

By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO OF AUDIO RECORDING IN POST Oh, how the Irish can combine sorrow and mirth all in one haunting, hair-raising tune. And, oh, how #2 daughter, Bethany, can make her old man cry when he hears her croon. The audio recording of Parting Glass appeared on my desktop computer two […]

Sounds Around Town in Clarksdale April 24 – 30th 2013

  Presented by ROGER STOLLE of Cat Head (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Here is your SOUNDS AROUND TOWN in CLARKSDALE. Listing of all the Live Music going on in town including Red’s Blues Lounge, Ground Zero Blues Club, Bluesberry Cafe, Hambone Gallery, Hopson Commissary, Stone Pony, and our FRIDAY AT THE STAGE. Check out Roger’s April 2, 2013 BLUES […]


By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) WATCH VIDEO [youtube][/youtube] Dude, where’s my guitar? Oh wait, I am tone deaf, but I ain’ totally stupid! I had enough sense to slip on up in the New Roxy this Wednesday night in Hemingway’s proverbial “rain.” One of the most pleasurable nights of my life! Guaranteed! Juke Joint Festival […]

Mississippi Delta Dichotomies

By Poor William Extremes searching for Synthesis By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) DOCUMENTED CLARKSDALE MUSIC VIDEO  The Mississippi Delta is all about discrete entities rubbin’ against each other symbiotically in a search for synthesis, peace and order. Iron sharpening iron! We are black, we are white, we are rich, we are poor; we embody in one […]

STOP THE WORLD – Poor William is Overstimulated

Poor William Wants to Get Off: He is Rather Over-Stimulated! By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) VIDEO and PHOTOS What is he talking about now? Stop the world he wants to get off? Hey man, he can check out any time! This ain’ the Hotel California! “Stop the world I want to get off” means I […]


Presented by ROGER STOLLE of Cat Head (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Fresh off the press, here is your SOUNDS AROUND TOWN in CLARKSDALE. Listing of all the Live Music coming up before Juke Joint Festival officially kicks off on Saturday, April 13th. LOTS of music and fun things going on so make your plans now. Check out […]

Got Enough Money to Burn a Wet Dog During the Juke Joint Festival? DBGuest House is open.

A Wet Dog. The Dirty Dandelion. The Dirty D. Dandy. By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) What is meant by having enough money to burn a wet dog? Surely Poor William is not gonna set ablaze a clammy canine? Is he? Why hell no! But, if any of you Delta Bohemians out there or anybody […]

In Darkness Turns the Worm – A Whim by Poor William

By POOR WILLIAM (Clarksdale, Mississippi) Poor William heard a guest speaker in Bible College talk about “treasures in the darkness!” Twas something he had never thought about. Well, 25 years later and a whole lot of time spent in darkness, the dissolute lad might have just started understanding what the itinerant meant. Darkness is necessary […]

SOUNDS AROUND TOWN IN CLARKSDALE March 25th thru 31st 2013

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) Fresh off the press – SOUNDS AROUND TOWN. Check out our Watcha Gonna Do page every week to know what is LIVE IN CLARKSDALE, the heart of the Mississippi Delta.  For more happenings around the Delta, visit Cat Head’s Music Calendar at Sounds Around Town courtesy of First National Bank, Your Hometown Bank […]

The New York Times values Shonda Warner’s opinion when it comes to farmland prices – What do you think?

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) -by Guest Bohemian Fat Clyde, aka Mr. Lil John McKee Hello all you Bohemians out there; check out our own Shonda Warner’s quote in the New York Times about the recent surge in farmland prices. Miss Shonda did not fall off a watermelon trailer yesterday, and the DB suspects that she is right […]

Was Caroline Kennedy Really in Clarksdale, Mississippi?

  (Clarksdale, Mississippi) –  PHOTO GALLERY IN POST – Believe it or not, Caroline Kennedy, while promoting her latest book “Listening In: The Secret White House Recordings of John F. Kennedy”, not only stopped in Clarksdale but she spoke to a large crowd. Lucky us! Caroline signed her books in Memphis, Oxford and Jackson but in Clarksdale […]

An Organ Concert in Clarksdale – Come hear an organ sing!

(Clarksdale, Mississippi) – There is an instrument in Clarksdale that sits silent most days until it comes alive, usually on Sunday mornings, when Jay Westfaul tickles it’s keys during church services at St. George’s Episcopal Church. Another fine organist of note is coming to town Thursday, February 7th at 6:30 pm to sit on the […]

Charlie Musselwhite Making Headlines with Ben Harper for GET UP!

Clarksdale, Mississippi – A sweet surprise landed in Poor William’s inbox last week. He then forwarded the message to moi. The message said “the little white lines at the bottom of the video player….if you ffwd to the very last white line we are the last segment.” It contained a link. A link to NBC’s […]

Red’s Blues Club and Dingo’s Birthday Party – ain’t nothing like the blues, y’all!

CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI – VIDEO IN POST – Dingo celebrated his birthday at Red’s Blues Club this past Friday, January 18, 2013 surrounded by good friends. Razorblade opened the show with his classic “Trouble in my bedroom” followed by a few tunes sung by Miss Gladys and then Rip Butler took over the mic. He sang […]


By Poor William and Magical Madge CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI  VIDEO IN POST  – Straight from the Hidden Whim Year vault, enjoy this intimate scene where Poor William shows Magical Madge how the Bohemian Party Bulb operates. Poor William: You tell me where it hits you right, baby. Magical Madge: It’s the Party Bulb. How do you make […]

3rd CLARKSDALE FILM FESTIVAL puts Mississippi under the Hollywood spotlight

CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI – For its third year in a row, the Clarksdale Film Festival aims to make you laugh, cry and, occasionally, rock out. Organizers promise attendees a feast of Mississippi and Southern filmmaking – plus a little fresh popcorn. According to Garden & Gun magazine, “Mississippi gets its close-up… to celebrate the Magnolia State’s films and […]

Music strikes a chord whether with Jose in Downtown Sydney or in the Blues Capital of the World – Clarksdale, Mississippi

CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI –  VIDEO IN POST  – It’s a dreary day today in Clarksdale, smack dab in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, and all is cold, wet, icy, barren and the wind is blowing. Why not take today to remember Australia and how it continues to affect my senses. I hope you take pleasure […]

Travel and Leisure Magazine highlights Clarksdale, Greenwood and Oxford – Mississippi Delta’s Small Town Culture

By Poor William CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI – Travel and Leisure’s Feb. 2013 edition features an article centered on three Mississippi towns: Clarksdale, Greenwood and Oxford. “The Mississippi Delta’s Small-Town Culture” initially appeared as “Southern Revival” in T&L Magazine. The standalone intro speaks much truth: “Searching for authentic American Culture? Find it in the Mississippi Delta, where […]

True Delta: True Dat ….A simple review of a fantastic documentary

By Poor William CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI – The MISSISSIPPI DELTA is a land and culture brimming with complex contradictions, a veritable mélange of befuddlements, commingling like silt, water, and snowmelt, as they bend and blend into one giant “muddy” mix of tranquility and roiling turgidity, disseminating a nation’s runoff into a thirsty, yet strangely self-sufficient land […]

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS Y’ALL!! Clarksdale Festival, October 12-13, 2012

By Poor William CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI – VIDEO AND PHOTO GALLERY IN POST – Clarksdale will host it’s 20th Tennessee Williams Festival this weekend, October 12-13, 2012. The event, sponsored by Coahoma Community College (CCC), kicks off at 9:00 a.m. on Friday at the Whiteside Lecture Hall on the Coahoma Community College main campus and concludes […]