Poor William thinking about Party Bulbs. Photo by DELTA BOHEMIAN

Poor William and the Dirty D: thinking about Party Bulbs. Photo by DELTA BOHEMIAN

By Poor William and Magical Madge

CLARKSDALE, MISSISSIPPI  VIDEO IN POST  – Straight from the Hidden Whim Year vault, enjoy this intimate scene where Poor William shows Magical Madge how the Bohemian Party Bulb operates.

Poor William: You tell me where it hits you right, baby.
Magical Madge: It’s the Party Bulb.
How do you make it change?
Poor William: That’s the magic Party Bulb.
Magical Madge: Oh. Let me see. Let me see the Party Bulb.
Magical Madge: Now you gotta to take your hand away and what does it do when you do that?
Poor William: Aw, it wouldn’t be the same purple rain.
Magical Madge: You gotta keep your hand up there the whole time?
Poor William: Well, I keep my hand up there only so that I can be infused with the Party Bulb Love.
Magical Madge: Does it have to go that fast all the time?
Poor William: Oh, no. Here’s the setting that makes everything happen, baby.
Poor William: Now, I’m not gonna say that I’ve got Barry White’s tenderoni.
Magical Madge: Oh, look. It’s the Bohemian Party Bulb.
Wait. Let’s let it cycle through.
I like the Bohemian Party Bulb. Don’t you?
Poor William: I think it’s right up there with Ginsu II.
Magical Madge: Ok.

Poor William and Magical Madge are partial to their

Bohemian Party Bulb

especially when they get close at night.

This party bulb will light up any party.


For Sale

at the


in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

And in case you dont’ know what a Ginsu II is, watch this video.

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